Proof (I Am Kloot song)
"Proof" – a song by English band I Am Kloot
I Am Kloot
I Am Kloot are an English band formed in Manchester, in 1999 by John Bramwell , Peter Jobson and Andy Hargreaves .-History:...


A demo version of "Proof" was released in 2001
2001 in music
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 as a B-side
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 on the single "Morning Rain
Morning Rain
"Morning Rain" is a single release by I Am Kloot. Included with the single is a demo of "Proof" and a live version of "Twist" from a February 14, 2001 gig in Paris and features a French sung chorus too .-Track listing:All songs written by John Harold...

" from the album Natural History. This version is also included on the compilation album B from 2009
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In 2003
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, the song appeared on I Am Kloot's self-titled second album
I Am Kloot (album)
I Am Kloot is I Am Kloot's self-titled second album, as well as their highest charting album to date, reaching #68 on the UK Albums Chart. It was released in 2003 and yielded four singles and one download-only single...

. Even after the making of a video for "Proof" (by Krishna Stott, featuring Christopher Eccleston
Christopher Eccleston
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), their then record label, Echo, subsequently shelved the release of the single. "Proof" was released on 21 June 2004 as a download
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-only single
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, but it not received its intended, full release.

Finally, in 2010
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, a remodelling of the song was produced for their fifth studio album, Mercury
Mercury Prize
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 nominated Sky at Night
Sky at Night (I Am Kloot album)
Sky at Night is the fifth studio album by Manchester band I Am Kloot. The album was produced by Guy Garvey and Craig Potter of the band Elbow and was released on 5 July 2010. Since 2 July 2010, the whole album has been streamed for free on the website.On 20 July 2010, the album made...

. This new version of "Proof" was released as a download-only single on 6 September 2010 – the second single, following "Northern Skies". The 2010 video for "Proof" (the old video with the new audio) was also released in September 2010.

Single track listings

2004 release:
  1. "Proof"
  2. "Junk Culture"
  3. "Same Deep Water as Me (live at the Ritz- Manchester
    The Ritz (Manchester)
    The Manchester Ritz is a live music venue in Whitworth Street West in Manchester.It won Manchester's Best Bar None and Club awards for 2006/2007, which are organised by the Greater Manchester Police....

  4. "Proof" (music video)

The original version of "Junk Culture" appeared on You, Me and the Alarm Clock (1990) – a solo album
Solo album
A solo album, in popular music, is an album headlined by a current or former member of a band. A solo album may feature simply one person performing all instruments, but typically features the work of other collaborators; rather, it may be made with different collaborators than the artist is...

 of John Bramwell
John Bramwell
John Harold Arnold Bramwell is an English singer-songwriter. He is the frontman for the three-piece alternative rock band I Am Kloot, and has previously issued solo material under the guise of Johnny Dangerously....

, then known as Johnny Dangerously.

2010 release:
  1. "Proof (Radio Edit
    Radio edit
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    )" 2:39
  2. "Proof (Original Demo
    Demo (music)
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    – 1999)" 2:47
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