Pro Football Weekly
Pro Football Weekly is an American
United States
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 sports magazine
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, founded in 1967, that covers the National Football League
National Football League
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. It is owned by Pro Football Weekly LLC and headquartered in Riverwoods, Illinois
Riverwoods, Illinois
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The magazine is published 32 times a year, including every week of the NFL season, and issues four supplementary publications -- the Pro Football Weekly Preview, the Fantasy Football Guide, the Draft Preview, and the Pro Prospects Preview -- annually. With a beat writer covering each NFL team, the magazine is one of a small number covering each team in detail on a regular basis.

The magazine also has a popular syndicated radio show called Pro Football Weekly & Basketball
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, hosted by Wayne Larrivee
Wayne Larrivee
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 and Hub Arkush; the program also covers the NBA
National Basketball Association
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Pro Football Weekly also produces a half-hour television show during the NFL season.

The publisher and editor of Pro Football Weekly is Hub Arkush.

From 1996 to 2002, Pro Football Weekly was owned by Primedia
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