Principal Point
Principal Point is a prominent ice-covered headland
A headland is a point of land, usually high and often with a sheer drop, that extends out into a body of water.Headland can also refer to:*Headlands and bays*headLand, an Australian television series...

 lying 4 nautical miles (7 km) east of Cape Errera
Cape Errera
Cape Errera is a cape which forms the southwest end of Wiencke Island, in the Palmer Archipelago. Discovered by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, 1897–99, and named by Gerlache for Leo Errera, Paul Errera, and Madame M. Errera, contributors to the expedition....

 and forming the southeast end of Wiencke Island
Wiencke Island
Wiencke Island is an island long and from wide, about in area, the southernmost of the major islands of the Palmer Archipelago, lying between Anvers Island to its north and the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula....

, in the Palmer Archipelago
Palmer Archipelago
Palmer Archipelago, also known as Antarctic Archipelago, Archipiélago Palmer, Antarktiske Arkipel or Palmer Inseln, is a group of islands off the northwestern coast of the Antarctic Peninsula....

. First charted by the French Antarctic Expedition
French Antarctic Expedition
French Antarctic Expedition refers to several French expeditions in Antarctica.-First expedition:Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen-Trémarec was a French explorer....

 under Charcot, 1903-05. The name, applied by the Argentine Antarctic Expedition, 1953-54, suggests the prominence of the feature.
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