President of Nauru
The President of Nauru is elected by Parliament from amongst its members. He is both the head of state
Head of State
A head of state is the individual that serves as the chief public representative of a monarchy, republic, federation, commonwealth or other kind of state. His or her role generally includes legitimizing the state and exercising the political powers, functions, and duties granted to the head of...

 and head of government
Head of government
Head of government is the chief officer of the executive branch of a government, often presiding over a cabinet. In a parliamentary system, the head of government is often styled prime minister, chief minister, premier, etc...

 of Nauru
Nauru , officially the Republic of Nauru and formerly known as Pleasant Island, is an island country in Micronesia in the South Pacific. Its nearest neighbour is Banaba Island in Kiribati, to the east. Nauru is the world's smallest republic, covering just...

. Nauru's unicameral Parliament has 18 members, with an electoral term of 3 years. Political parties only play a minor role in Nauru politics, and there has often been significant periods of instability in the Presidential office. The even number of seats in the Parliament and shifting allegiances amongst a small number of individuals can leading to frequent changes in the makeup of the government of the day, including the Presidential position itself.

List of Presidents of Nauru (1968-Present)

Name (birth-death) Dates of presidency
1. Hammer DeRoburt
Hammer DeRoburt
Hammer DeRoburt, KBE was the founding President of the Republic of Nauru, and ruled the country for most of its first twenty years of independence.-Background and early career:...

31 January 1968 to 22 December 1976
2. Bernard Dowiyogo
Bernard Dowiyogo
HE Bernard Annen Auwen Dowiyogo was President of the Republic of Nauru.-Background and early career:He first became an elected member of Nauru's 18-seat parliament in 1973...

22 December 1976 to 19 April 1978
3. Lagumot Harris
Lagumot Harris
HE Lagumot Gagiemem Nimidere Harris was a political figure from the Pacific nation of the Republic of Nauru, and served as President of the Republic of Nauru. He was a cousin of René Harris.-First term as President of Nauru:...

19 April 1978 to 15 May 1978
4. Hammer DeRoburt (2nd admin) 15 May 1978 to 17 September 1986
5. Kennan Adeang
Kennan Adeang
In Adeang's periods of political office he was regarded as an opponent of veteran Nauruan politician Hammer DeRoburt.While in Opposition following his second period of Presidential office, Adeang founded and led the Democratic Party of Nauru, which had, as its stated aims, the curbing of increases...

17 September 1986 to 1 October 1986
6. Hammer DeRoburt (3rd admin) 1 October 1986 to ?? December 1986
7. Kennan Adeang (2nd admin) ?? December 1986 to ?? December 1986
8. Hammer DeRoburt (4th admin) ?? December 1986 to 17 August 1989
9. Kenos Aroi
Kenos Aroi
Kenas Aroi was a Nauruan political figure. He was President of the Republic of Nauru from 17 August to 12 December 1989.- Background :Aroi was part of the Parliament of Nauru, and was finance minister under Kennan Adeang...

17 August 1989 to 12 December 1989
10. Bernard Dowiyogo (2nd admin) 12 December 1989 to 22 November 1995
11. Lagumot Harris (2nd admin) 22 November 1995 to 11 November 1996
12. Bernard Dowiyogo (3rd admin) 11 November 1996 to 26 November 1996
13. Kennan Adeang (3rd admin) 26 November 1996 to 19 December 1996
14. Ruben Kun
Ruben Kun
HE Ruben James Tullen Kun is a political figure from the Pacific nation of Nauru and was President of the Republic of Nauru.-Early career:Ruben Kun is a lawyer by training.He has been Speaker of the Nauruan Parliament....

19 December 1996 to 13 February 1997
15. Kinza Clodumar
Kinza Clodumar
HE Kinza Godfrey Clodumar is a political figure from Nauru who was President of Nauru from 1997 to 1998.-Background:...

13 February 1997 to 18 June 1998
16. Bernard Dowiyogo (4th admin) 18 June 1998 to 27 April 1999
17. René Harris
René Harris
René Reynaldo Harris was President of the Republic of Nauru four times between 1999 and 2004. He was a Member of Parliament from 1977 to 2008.-Background and early career:...

27 April 1999 to 20 April 2000
18. Bernard Dowiyogo (5th admin) 20 April 2000 to 30 March 2001
19. René Harris (2nd admin) 30 March 2001 to 9 January 2003
20. Bernard Dowiyogo (6th admin) 9 January 2003 to 17 January 2003
21. René Harris (3rd admin) 17 January 2003 to 18 January 2003
22. Bernard Dowiyogo (7th admin; died in office) 18 January 2003 to 10 March 2003
23. Derog Gioura
Derog Gioura
Derog Gioura is a Nauruan political figure. He was President of the Republic of Nauru in 2003.- Political role :...

10 March 2003 to 29 May 2003 (acting to 20 March 2003)
24. Ludwig Scotty
Ludwig Scotty
Ludwig Derangadage Scotty is a two-time former President of the Republic of Nauru. He served as President from 29 May 2003 to 8 August 2003, then from 22 June 2004 to his ousting in a vote of no confidence on 19 December 2007....

29 May 2003 to 8 August 2003
25. René Harris (4th admin) 8 August 2003 to 22 June 2004
26. Ludwig Scotty (2nd admin) 22 June 2004 to 19 December 2007
27. Marcus Stephen
Marcus Stephen
Marcus Stephen was President of the Republic of Nauru from December 2007 to November 2011. In addition to the presidency, he held the offices of Minister for Home Affairs, Minister for the Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust, Minister for Police, Prisons, & Emergency Services, and Minister for Public...

19 December 2007 to 10 November 2011
28. Frederick Pitcher
Frederick Pitcher
Frederick William "Freddie" Pitcher is a Nauruan political figure. In December 2007, Pitcher was appointed Finance Minister of Nauru, to serve in the Administration of President Marcus Stephen....

10 November 2011 to 15 November 2011
29. Sprent Dabwido
Sprent Dabwido
Sprent Jared Dabwido is a Nauruan politician. He became the President of Nauru on 15 November 2011.-Background:Dabwido is a close relative of former parliamentarian Audi Dabwido, who served in the first parliament of Nauru in 1968.-Parliamentary role:Dabwido was elected to parliament in the 2004...

15 November 2011 to present
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