Portillo, Chile
Portillo is a ski resort
Ski resort
A ski resort is a resort developed for skiing and other winter sports. In Europe a ski resort is a town or village in a ski area - a mountainous area, where there are ski trails and supporting services such as hotels and other accommodation, restaurants, equipment rental and a ski lift system...

 located 160 kilometres (99.4 mi) from Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile
Santiago , also known as Santiago de Chile, is the capital and largest city of Chile, and the center of its largest conurbation . It is located in the country's central valley, at an elevation of above mean sea level...

, near the city of Los Andes. It rises 2880 meters above sea level and its highest point reaches 3332 meters above sea level. Ski Portillo has 23 ski trails and 12 lifts.

Plans to build the ski area were drawn up in the 1930s, construction began in 1942 and the ski area was opened in 1949. Several of the ski lifts on the west side of the valley were destroyed by massive avalanches in 1965, but were successfully rebuilt in time for Portillo to host the alpine skiing World Championships
FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 1966
The FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 1966 were held in Portillo, Chile, from August 4–14, 1966.To this day, it remains as the only alpine world championship contested in the southern hemisphere...

 in 1966. Since then, Portillo has become one of the principal destinations for ski racers to train during the Northern Hemisphere
Northern Hemisphere
The Northern Hemisphere is the half of a planet that is north of its equator—the word hemisphere literally means “half sphere”. It is also that half of the celestial sphere north of the celestial equator...

 summer and hosts the ski teams of Austria, Italy and the USA.


Portillo lies close to the border between Chile and Argentina at Paso Los Libertadores. During the winter season, access can be restricted due to snow, and the use of snow chains is mandatory.


The ski season typically runs from mid-June to early-October, depending on the length and depth of snowfall regionally.

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