Pinna nobilis
Pinna nobilis, common name
Common name
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 the "noble pen shell" is a species
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 of pen shell, a large marine
Marine (ocean)
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 bivalve mollusc in the family Pinnidae
Pinnidae is a family of large saltwater clams sometimes known as pen shells. They are marine bivalve molluscs in the order Pterioida.The shells are fragile and have a long and triangular shape, and in life they are anchored in sediment using a byssus...

, the 'pen shells'.

The bivalve shell can grow almost 91 cm (3 feet) long, and its shape is variable. Like all pen shells it is relatively fragile. It attaches itself to rocks using a strong "cable" composed of many silk-like hairs, or byssus, fibre the shell produces. The inside of the shell is lined with brilliant mother-of-pearl.

This species is the origin of sea silk
Sea silk
Sea silk is an extremely fine, rare and valuable fabric produced from the long silky filaments or byssus secreted by a gland in the foot of several bivalve molluscs by which they attach themselves to the sea bed....

, which was made made from the byssus
Byssus means both a silky filament by which certain molluscs attach themselves to hard surfaces, and a rare fabric, also called sea silk and its fibre source.-Word:...

 of the animal. It is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean Sea
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, and lives offshore down to a depth of 20 metres.

Unfortunately, in recent years, Pinna nobilis has become threatened with extinction, partly due to overfishing, the fact that the mollusc is edible, the decline in seagrass
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fields, and pollution.
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