Pincer may refer to:
  • Pincer (tool)
    Pincer (tool)
    A pincer is a hand tool used in many situations where a mechanical advantage is required to pinch, cut or pull an object. Pincers are first-class levers, but differ from pliers in that the concentration of force is either to a point, or to an edge perpendicular to the length of the tool. This...

  • Pincer (biology)
    Pincer (biology)
    A pincer is the part of an arthropod that enables it to carry loads, to defend against other creatures, or to attack prey. In insects, the pincers are usually part of the creature's mandible, and often venom or acid can be injected through the pincer into an enemy during a pincer strike.Some...

    , part of an animal
  • Pincer ligand, a terdentate, often planar molecule that tightly binds a variety of metal ions.
  • Pingas
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