Pierre Deligne

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  • Deligne conjecture
    Deligne conjecture
    In mathematics, there are a number of so-called Deligne conjectures, provided by Pierre Deligne. These are independent conjectures in various fields of mathematics....

  • Deligne–Mumford moduli space of curves
  • Deligne–Mumford stacks
  • Deligne cohomology
    Deligne cohomology
    In mathematics, Deligne cohomology is the hypercohomology of the Deligne complex of a complex manifold. It was introduced by Pierre Deligne in unpublished work in about 1972 as a cohomology theory for algebraic varieties that includes both ordinary cohomology and intermediate Jacobians.For...

  • Fourier–Deligne transform
    Fourier–Deligne transform
    In algebraic geometry, the Fourier–Deligne transform, or ℓ-adic Fourier transform, or geometric Fourier transform, is an operation on objects of the derived category of ℓ-adic sheaves over the affine line. It was introduced by Pierre Deligne on November 29th, 1976 in a letter to David Kazhdan as...

  • Langlands–Deligne local constant
    Langlands–Deligne local constant
    In mathematics, the Langlands–Deligne local constant is an elementary function associated with a representation of the Weil group of a local field...

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