Peugeot BB1
Peugeot BB1 is a full-electric concept car
Concept car
A concept vehicle or show vehicle is a car made to showcase new styling and or new technology. They are often shown at motor shows to gauge customer reaction to new and radical designs which may or may not have a chance of being produced....

 presented by Peugeot in September 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
It incorporates rear in-wheel motors designed with Michelin
Michelin is a tyre manufacturer based in Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne région of France. It is one of the two largest tyre manufacturers in the world along with Bridgestone. In addition to the Michelin brand, it also owns the BFGoodrich, Kleber, Riken, Kormoran and Uniroyal tyre brands...

each with maximum power output of 7.5 kW and torque on each wheel of 320 N·m (236 ft·lbf).

The car provides 4 seats and its length is 2.5 metres (98.4 in) and 1.6 metres (63 in) in width.

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