Peter of Salerno
Peter was originally the tutor and guardian of the young prince of Salerno, Sico II
Sico of Salerno
Sico II was the first prince of Salerno. Son and successor of Siconulf, he reigned from his father's death in 851 to his deposition in 853. He is given the ordinal "II" because he was the second Sico to rule in the south, the previous Sico being prince of Benevento.Sico was a minor when his father...

. He held that post for two years from 851 to 853.

In that year, he usurped the throne and removed Sico, who fled north. He was confirmed as prince by the Emperor Louis II in December. Peter did not long enjoy his rule. He died later that year, but bequeathed his principality to his son Adhemar
Adhemar of Salerno
Adhemar was the son of Prince Peter of Salerno. He succeeded his father, an usurper, in 853.Adhemar's rule was unpopular. The counts of Capua whittled away at his princely authority and territory...



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