Pera may refer to:

  • Marcus Junius Pera
    Marcus Junius Pera
    Marcus Junius Pera was a Roman politician during the Second Punic War. He was consul in 230 BC and censor with Gaius Claudius Centho in 225 BC. He was appointed dictator in 216 BC, rei gerundae causa, for the purpose of repelling the Carthaginian forces under Hannibal from Italy. In order to raise...

    , Roman dictator
  • Alfredo Le Pera
    Alfredo Le Pera
    Alfredo Le Pera was an Argentinian journalist, dramatist, and lyricist, best known for his brief but fruitful collaboration with the tango singer Carlos Gardel...

     (1900–1935), Brazilian journalist
  • Marcello Pera
    Marcello Pera
    Marcello Pera is an Italian philosopher and politician. He was the President of the Italian Senate from 2001 to 2006.-Career:...

     (1943–), Italian philosopher and politician
  • Marília Pêra
    Marília Pêra
    Marília Pêra is an award-winning Brazilian actress.-Biography:Pêra was born to actors Manuel Pêra and Dinorah Marzullo. Her sister is also an accomplished actress Sandra Pêra...

     (1943–), Brazilian actress
  • Patrick Péra
    Patrick Pera
    Patrick Péra is a French figure skater. He won the bronze medal in men's singles in the 1968 Winter Olympics and again at the 1972 Winter Olympics.-Competitive highlights:-References:* *...

     (1949–), French figure skater
  • Albano Pera
    Albano Pera
    Albano Pera is an Italian sports shooter and Olympic medalist. He received a silver medal in Double Trap at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta He is European champion from 1988 , and received a silver medal in 1989....

     (1950–), Italian sports shooter
  • Edgar Pêra
    Edgar Pêra
    Edgar Henrique Clemente Pêra is a Portuguese cinematographer.He enrolled in the Escola de Cinema do Conservatório Nacional in 1980, with a concentration in film editing...

     (1960–), Portuguese cinematographer
  • Radames Pera
    Radames Pera
    Radames Perá is an American actor who is best known for his role as the young Kwai Chang Caine in the 1972-1975 television series Kung Fu.-Biography:...

     (1960–), American actor
  • Sam Pera Junior
    Sam Pera Junior
    Sam Pera Junior is a weightlifter from the Cook Islands, competing in the +105 kg category. He was born in Rarotonga....

     (1989–), Cook Islands weightlifter

  • Pera Orinis
    Pera Orinis
    Pera Orinis, or Pera Oreinis or Pera , is a village in the area known as Tamassos, which is in turn part of the Nicosia District in Cyprus.Pera is situated near ; about one hour walking distance across the...

    , a village in Cyprus
  • Pêra (Silves), a Portuguese parish in the district of Faro in the Algarve
  • Pêra (Caparica)
    Pêra (Caparica)
    Pêra is a locality in the parish of Caparica, the municipality of Almada and the district of Setúbal, Portugal. The area consists of diverse farms with fruit farms and the Externato Sol e Mar, which is a childhood place, a preschool, a pedagogic parallelism. It is near Ondaparque ; it separates...

    , a Portuguese locality in the district of Setúbal
  • Beyoğlu
    Beyoğlu is a district located on the European side of İstanbul, Turkey, separated from the old city by the Golden Horn...

    , a district in Istanbul that used to be called Pera
    • Galata
      Galata or Galatae is a neighbourhood in the Beyoğlu district on the European side of Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey. Galata is located at the northern shore of the Golden Horn, the inlet which separates it from the historic peninsula of old Constantinople. The Golden Horn is crossed by...

      , a neighbourhood of Beyoğlu, often referred to as Pera in the past

  • Pera (dessert)
    Peda, Pheda or Pera is a sweet from the Indian subcontinent, usually prepared in thick, semi-soft pieces. The main ingredients are khoa, sugar and traditional flavorings, including cardamom seeds, pistachio nuts and saffron. The color varies from a creamy white to a caramel colour...

    , a dessert in Pakistan and India
  • Pera (genus)
    Pera (genus)
    Pera is a genus of the flowering plant family Euphorbiaceae and the only genus of its tribe . Pera differs from other Euphorbiaceae in several characteristics and some classifications place it in its own family, Peraceae....

    , a plant genus in the family Euphorbiaceae
  • Public Employees Retirement Association, the name of several public employee pension plans in the United States
  • Peripheral ERA
    Peripheral ERA
    Peripheral ERA is a pitching statistic created by the Baseball Prospectus team. It is the expected earned run average taking into account park-adjusted hits, walks, strikeouts, and home runs allowed. Unlike Voros McCracken's DIPS, hits allowed are included...

    , a baseball statistic
  • Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture
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