Paul Bartsch
Paul Bartsch was an American malacologist
Malacology is the branch of invertebrate zoology which deals with the study of the Mollusca , the second-largest phylum of animals in terms of described species after the arthropods. Mollusks include snails and slugs, clams, octopus and squid, and numerous other kinds, many of which have shells...

 and carcinologist.

Paul Bartsch emigrated to the U.S.A in 1880. He graduated from the University of Iowa
University of Iowa
The University of Iowa is a public state-supported research university located in Iowa City, Iowa, United States. It is the oldest public university in the state. The university is organized into eleven colleges granting undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees...

 with a B.S. in 1896, and M.S. in 1899, and PhD in 1905. He was an instructor at George Washington University
George Washington University
The George Washington University is a private, coeducational comprehensive university located in Washington, D.C. in the United States...

 and a curator at the National Museum of Natural History
National Museum of Natural History
The National Museum of Natural History is a natural history museum administered by the Smithsonian Institution, located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., United States. Admission is free and the museum is open 364 days a year....

 from 1914-1945.

In 1902, he started scientific bird banding.

Paul Bartsch invented, in 1922, one of the first underwater cameras. His papers are held at George Washington University.

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