Patrick Dixon
Dr Patrick Dixon is an author and business consultant, often described as a futurist. In 2005 he was ranked as one of the 20 most influential business thinkers alive according to the Thinkers 50 (a private survey printed in The Times). He is Chairman of the trends forecasting company Global Change Ltd, founder of the international AIDS agency ACET
ACET (AIDS charity)
ACET International is a global network of independent agencies and church-based organisations seeking to encourage effective and compassionate responses to AIDS and related issues in every nation...

, and Chairman of the ACET International Alliance.

Dixon was included in the Independent on Sundays 2010 "Happy List
Happy List
The Happy List is a list of 100 people in the United Kingdom "who give back, volunteer, and who make Britain a better balanced, happier country." It has been published annually in April by the Independent on Sunday, a British national Sunday newspaper, since 2008.The BBC welcomed the first Happy...

", with reference to ACET and his other work tackling the stigma of AIDS.
Patrick Dixon studied Medical Sciences at King's College, Cambridge
King's College, Cambridge
King's College is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge, England. The college's full name is "The King's College of our Lady and Saint Nicholas in Cambridge", but it is usually referred to simply as "King's" within the University....

 and continued medical training at Charing Cross Hospital
Charing Cross Hospital
Charing Cross Hospital is a general, acute hospital located in London, United Kingdom and established in 1818. It is located several miles to the west of the city centre in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham....

, London.

The Six Faces of the FUTURE are: Fast, Urban, Tribal, Universal, Radical and Ethical

Never has the future become so rapidly the past.

Your company may have a reputation for brilliant leadership, outstanding innovation, clever branding and effective change management, but the business could fail if the world changes and you are unprepared.

The larger the corporation, the greater the risk that you are flying blind.

Institutional blindness is a major threat to the future of all corporations.

Listen to your customers but don't (always) believe what they say - they know even less about the future than you.

In banking or insurance trust is the only thing you have to sell.

Two thirds of all those who have ever lived to sixty five are alive today and most of them are women.

The first one hundred and fifty year old human being could be alive as a baby today.

To every trend there is a counter-trend. There are a number of pendulums operating and each creates new business opportunities.