Patricia Geary
Patricia Geary is an American author. After writing two borderline fantasy novels, Living in Ether (1982) and Strange Toys
Strange Toys
Strange Toys is a fantasy novel written by Patricia Geary and published in 1987. It won the Philip K. Dick Award that year....

(1987), the latter of which won the Philip K. Dick Award, she found it difficult to sell her third novel as she had a reputation primarily as a fantasy author, and returned to teaching (she teaches creative writing at the University of Redlands
University of Redlands
The University of Redlands is a private liberal arts and sciences university located in Redlands, California. The university's campus sits on near downtown Redlands. The university was founded in 1907 and was associated with the American Baptist Church. The land for the university was donated by...

). Her third novel, The Other Canyon, was published in 2002 by Gorsky Press, and another, Guru Cigarettes, in 2005.

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