Pasquale Scimeca


  • Il giorno di San Sebastiano
    Il giorno di San Sebastiano
    Il giorno di San Sebastiano is an Italian film written and directed by Pasquale Scimeca. The film is based on true historical events, the Caltavuturo massacre that took place on January 20, 1893, in Caltavuturo in the Province of Palermo , during the celebration of Saint Sebastian.On that day some...

    (Saint Sebastian's Day) (1993)
  • Placido Rizzotto
    Placido Rizzotto
    Placido Rizzotto was an Italian socialist peasant and trade union leader from Corleone, who was assassinated by Sicilian Mafia boss Luciano Leggio. Pieces of Rizzotto's mutilated body were discovered two years later at the bottom of a cliff with his limbs chained up, and a bullet hole in his head...

  • Gli indesiderabili (2003)
  • Il cavaliere sole (2008)
  • Malavoglia (2010)

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