Paravane may refer to:
  • Operation Paravane
    Operation Paravane
    Operation Paravane was the attack carried out by RAF Bomber Command on September 15, 1944 against the German battleship Tirpitz at harbour in the far north of Norway. The Tirpitz was a major threat to the convoys supplying the Soviet Union. Flying via a Soviet airfield, two squadrons attacked...

    , a World War II operation
  • Paravane (water kite)
    Paravane (water kite)
    ]The paravane is a towed winged underwater object—water kite. Paravanes have been used in sport or commercial fishing, marine exploration and industry, sports and military. The wings of paravanes are sometimes in a fixed position, else positioned remotely or by actions of a human pilot...

    , a towed winged underwater object
  • Paravane (weapon)
    Paravane (weapon)
    The paravane is a form of towed underwater "glider". It was developed by Cdr Usborne and Lt Burney financed by Sir George White, founder of the Bristol Aeroplane Company....

    , a towed underwater minesweeping device
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