Parachute Regiment
Parachute Regiment may refer to:
  • Parachute Regiment (United Kingdom)
  • Parachute Regiment (India)
    Parachute Regiment (India)
    -History:The first Indian airborne formation was the 50 Independent Parachute Brigade raised on 29 October 1941 with 151 British, 152 Indian, and 153 Gurkha Parachute Battalions and other support units....

  • Paratroopers Brigade (IDF)
    Paratroopers Brigade (IDF)
    The Paratroopers Brigade , also known as the 35th Brigade, is a unit of paratroopers within the Israel Defense Forces , and forms a major part of the Infantry Corps....

    , Israel
  • 44 Parachute Regiment (South Africa)
  • 1st Airborne Brigade (Japan)
    1st Airborne Brigade (Japan)
    The , also known as the Narashino Airborne Brigade , is stationed in the Narashino Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces Base in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture. It is part of the Eastern Army in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force...

  • Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas
    Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas
    The Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas is a paratrooper unit created in 1969 within the Mexican Army but utilizing aircraft from the Air Force. Their headquarters were established in Mexico City and their training takes place in the Centro de Adiestramiento de Paracaidismo...

     of the Mexican Air Force
  • 501st Infantry Regiment (United States)
  • 504th Infantry Regiment (United States)
    504th Infantry Regiment (United States)
    The 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment is an airborne infantry regiment in the United States Army, first formed in 1942 as part of the 82nd Airborne Division.-Organization:...

  • 509th Infantry Regiment (United States)
  • 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team (United States)
  • 1st Parachute Division (Germany)
    1st Parachute Division (Germany)
    The German 1st Parachute Division was a German elite military parachute-landing Division that fought during World War II. A division of paratroopers was termed a Fallschirmjäger Division...

     and 2nd Parachute Division (Germany) or the Fallschirmjäger (Nazi Germany) parachute units
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