Political parties

  • Partido Renovador Democrático
    Democratic Renewal Party (Angola)
    The Democratic Renewal Party is a political party in Angola. The party was founded on December 16, 1990. The founders of PRD had belonged to the leadership of MPLA, but were exiled during the purges that followed a failed coup in 1977. The chairman of the party is Luis da Silva dos Passos.The PRD...

    , a political party in Angola
  • Parti de Renouveau Démocratique
    Democratic Renewal Party (Benin)
    The Democratic Renewal Party is a political party of Benin led by Adrien Houngbédji. Houngbédji lived in exile for several years, but returned to Benin to take part in the National Conference of 1990. He built up his party largely around other exiled Beninese...

    , a political party in Benin
  • Partido Revolucionario Dominicano
    Dominican Revolutionary Party
    The Dominican Revolutionary Party is one of the main political parties of the Dominican Republic. It has a moderate centrist position, social democratic in name. The party's distinctive color is white....

    , a political party in the Dominican Republic
  • Partai Rakyat Demokratik
    People's Democratic Party (Indonesia)
    -History:The party grew from student movements in the late 1980s in Java, Bali and Lombok established to protest against aspects of President Suharto's authoritarian New Order regime. One of these, the Yogyakarta Students Solidarity was led by future party leader Budiman Sudjatmiko. The SMY was...

    , a political party in Indonesia
  • Partido de la Revolución Democrática
    Party of the Democratic Revolution
    The Party of the Democratic Revolution is a democratic socialist party in Mexico and one of 2 Mexican affiliates of the Socialist International...

    , a political party in Mexico
  • Partido Revolucionario Democrático
    Democratic Revolutionary Party
    The Democratic Revolutionary Party is a Panamanian political party. It was founded in 1979 by the General Omar Torrijos, and is generally described as a party of the centre-left of the political spectrum.-History and creation:...

    , a political party in Panama
  • Partido Renovador Democrático, a former political party in Portugal
  • Parti radical-démocratique
    Free Democratic Party of Switzerland
    The Free Democratic Party was a classical liberal political party in Switzerland. It was one of the major parties in Switzerland until its merger with the smaller classical liberal Liberal Party, to form FDP.The Liberals on 1 January 2009....

    , a former political party in Switzerland

Science and technology

  • Physical Review
    Physical Review
    Physical Review is an American scientific journal founded in 1893 by Edward Nichols. It publishes original research and scientific and literature reviews on all aspects of physics. It is published by the American Physical Society. The journal is in its third series, and is split in several...

     D: Particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology
    , a scientific journal published by the American Physical Society
  • Product requirements document
    Product requirements document
    A product requirements document is a document written by a company that defines a product they are making, or the requirements for one or more new features for an existing product...

     in technology product development and planning


  • Pearl River Delta
    Pearl River Delta
    The Pearl River Delta , Zhujiang Delta or Zhusanjiao in Guangdong province, People's Republic of China is the low-lying area surrounding the Pearl River estuary where the Pearl River flows into the South China Sea...

    , a major urban agglomeration and centre of economic activity in south China
  • Pathfinder Reference Document in gaming (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
    Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
    The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is a fantasy role-playing game first published in 2009 by Paizo Publishing...

  • Power reverse duals
    Power reverse dual currency note
    A dual currency note pays coupons in the investor's domestic currency with the notional in the issuer’s domestic currency. A reverse dual currency note is a note which pays a foreign interest rate in the investor's domestic currency...

    , an exotic structured financial product
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