Nyctomyini is a tribe of New World rats and mice
New World rats and mice
The New World rats and mice are a group of related rodents found in North and South America. They are extremely diverse in appearance and ecology, ranging in from the tiny Baiomys to the large Kunsia...

 in the subfamily Tylomyinae
The subfamily Tylomyinae consists of several species of New World rats and mice including the vesper and climbing rats. They are not as well known as their relatives in the subfamilies Sigmodontinae and Neotominae...

 which includes two genera, Nyctomys and Otonyctomys, each with a single species. Both are medium-sized rats with tawny to brownish fur and a hairy tail.


Tribe Nyctomyini
  • Genus Otonyctomys
    • Hatt's Vesper Rat
      Hatt's Vesper Rat
      Hatt's vesper rat , also known as the Yucatán vesper rat, is a species of rodent in the family Cricetidae. It is the only species in the genus Otonyctomys. It is named for its discoverer, Robert T...

      , Otonyctomys hatti
  • GenusNyctomys
    • Sumichrast's Vesper Rat
      Sumichrast's vesper rat
      Sumichrast's vesper rat is a rodent of the family Cricetidae found from southern Mexico to Panama. The adult length is 11–13 cm, with a tail length of 8.5-15.5 cm. It is one of the more brightly coloured rats, with a pinkish-brown back and white underparts. The first toe on each foot is...

      , Nyctomys sumichrasti
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