Normandy Campaign
The Battle of Normandy or Normandy Campaign includes the following:
  • Operation Overlord
    Operation Overlord
    Operation Overlord was the code name for the Battle of Normandy, the operation that launched the invasion of German-occupied western Europe during World War II by Allied forces. The operation commenced on 6 June 1944 with the Normandy landings...

     - The Western Allied campaign in France from June 6 - August 25, 1944
    • The Invasion of Normandy, or "Operation Neptune" - The initial part of Overlord, from June 6 - mid-July 1944
      • The Normandy Landings on June 6, 1944
    • Operation Cobra
      Operation Cobra
      Operation Cobra was the codename for an offensive launched by the First United States Army seven weeks after the D-Day landings, during the Normandy Campaign of World War II...

      , the breakout from Normandy, starting on July 25, 1944

The "Battle of Normandy" is the official term for the British and Canadian military campaign lasting from June 6 - September 1, 1944.
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