Nobuyuki Idei
Nobuyuki Idei was a former Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Sony Corporation until the 7th March 2005. He is also a director of General Motors
General Motors
General Motors Company , commonly known as GM, formerly incorporated as General Motors Corporation, is an American multinational automotive corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan and the world's second-largest automaker in 2010...

, Accenture
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, Baidu
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, Yoshimoto Kogyo
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 and Nestlé
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. BusinessWeek magazine nominated him as one of the "Worst Managers of 2005" due to the losses at Sony during his tenure.

After a stroke sidelined former chairman Akio Morita
Akio Morita
Akio Morita KBE was a Japanese businessman and co-founder of Sony Corporation along with Masaru Ibuka.-Early life:...

, Sony CEO
Chief executive officer
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 and new chairman Norio Ohga
Norio Ohga
, otherwise spelled Norio Oga, was the former president and chairman of Sony Corporation, credited with spurring the development of the compact disc as a commercially viable audio format.-Early career:...

 selected Idei to be the next president, a choice that raised eyebrows at Sony. His sweeping reorganizations of the company included trimming the board of directors from 38 members dominated by company management to 10 with a substantial presence of outsiders. Already perceived as the company's driving force, Idei was formally named co-CEO in 1998 and sole CEO in 1999. In 2000, while Ohga remained Chairman of the Board, Idei became Executive Chairman and Kunitake Andō
Kunitake Ando
Kunitake Andō became president of Sony Corporation in June 2000, having been an employee of the company since 1969...

 became president.

In 2003, on Ohga's retirement, Idei became the sole Chairman, and the title of Chief Executive Officer was altered to Group Chief Executive Officer.

On March 7, 2005 it was announced that Idei would be succeeded on June 22 by Sir Howard Stringer, 63, a Welsh national by birth having a dual passports for UK
United Kingdom
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 and USA
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On Sept. 28, 2011, Nobuyuki Idei Joins Lenovo Board of Directors.

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