Nightfall is the beginning of night
Night or nighttime is the period of time when the sun is below the horizon. This occurs after dusk. The opposite of night is day...

Dusk is the beginning of darkness in the evening, and occurs after twilight, when the sky generally remains bright and blue. Civil dusk is when the earth has rotated enough that the center of the sun is at 6° below the local horizon...


Nightfall may also refer to:

Novels, short stories, and comics

  • Nightfall (Asimov short story and novel), an influential 1941 science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov, later adapted into a radio program (c. 1950), novel (1990), and two low-budget films (1988 and 2000) of the same name
  • "Nightfall", a 1947 short story by Arthur C. Clarke, published in The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke
    The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke
    The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke, , first published in 2001, is a collection of almost every science fiction story shorter than novel length that Arthur C. Clarke has ever published: with 114 in all arranged in order of publication, "Travel by Wire!" in 1937 through to "Improving the...

  • "Nightfall", a 2003 short story from Accelerando (novel)
    Accelerando (novel)
    Accelerando is a 2005 science fiction novel consisting of a series of interconnected short stories by British author Charles Stross. As well as normal hardback and paperback editions, it was released as a free e-book under the Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial-no derivatives license...

     by Charles Stross, set in his Manfred Macx series
  • Nightfall, the title and lead character in two fantasy books (1993 and 2005) by Mickey Zucker Reichert
    Mickey Zucker Reichert
    Mickey Zucker Reichert is an American fantasy fiction author of several best selling novels. She is known for her Renshai series, which provides a different perspective on traditional Norse mythology.-Volume 1:...

  • Night Fall
    Night Fall
    Night Fall is a 2004 novel by American author Nelson DeMille.The story begins with the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800 off Long Island, New York...

    , a 2004 novel by Nelson DeMille
  • Nightfall (comics)
    Nightfall (comics)
    Nightfall is a DC Comics supervillain.-Fictional character biography:A former college student who was armed by the Overmaster and joined his original Cadre. Nightfall's wristbands can create a null-field of pure darkness, absorbing all light and kinetic energy in a given area...

    , a DC Comics supervillain
  • Nightfall, a comic by Scott O. Brown
    Scott O. Brown
    Scott O. Brown is an American writer, letterer, publisher, editor, and production manager. Scott has been responsible for publishing top-tier creators like Amin Amat, Mal Jones, Drew Gilbert, Antony Johnston, Steven Grant, and Jamie Delano....

  • Batman: Knightfall
    Batman: Knightfall
    "Knightfall" is the title given to a major Batman story arc published by DC Comics that dominated Batman-related serial comic books in the spring and summer of 1993...

    , a Batman story arc from 1993–94
  • "Nightfall" a 2001 novel by L.J. Smith (author)


  • Nightfall (band)
    Nightfall (band)
    Nightfall is a Greek heavy metal band from Athens. Formed by vocalist/bassist Efthimis Karadimas in 1991, the group is currently signed to Metal Blade Records.- History :...

    , a Greek melodic death metal band
  • Nightfall (album)
    Nightfall (album)
    Nightfall is the second album by Swedish doom metal band Candlemass, released in 1987. It was the first album to feature Messiah Marcolin on vocals....

    , a 1987 album by Candlemass
  • "Nightfall", a song by Blind Guardian from their 1998 album Nightfall in Middle-Earth
    Nightfall in Middle-Earth
    Nightfall in Middle-Earth is a concept album by Blind Guardian, released in 1998. It is also Blind Guardian's sixth studio album.The album is based upon J. R. R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, a book of tales from the First Age of Middle-earth, recounting the War of the Jewels. The album contains not...

  • "Nightfall", a song by Stratovarius from the 1995 album Fourth Dimension
  • "Nightfall", a song by Amorphis from their 1999 album Tuonela
    Tuonela (album)
    -Band members:*Pasi Koskinen – vocals*Tomi Koivusaari – rhythm guitar, sitar*Esa Holopainen – lead guitar, acoustic guitar*Olli-Pekka Laine – bass guitar*Pekka Kasari – drums, percussion-Additional musicians:*Santeri Kallio – keyboards...

Video games

  • Nightfall (video game), the first real-time 3D adventure game, released in 1998
  • Guild Wars Nightfall
    Guild Wars Nightfall
    Guild Wars Nightfall is a fantasy Action RPG and the third stand-alone campaign in the Guild Wars computer game series developed by Seattle-based game developer studio ArenaNet, a subsidiary of NCSoft corporation...

    (2006), the third chapter of the computer game series, Guild Wars
  • Nightfall Games
    Nightfall Games
    Nightfall Games is a United Kingdom based role-playing game publishing company notable for publishing SLA Industries.-History:Nightfall Games was founded by Dave Allsop, Anne Boylan and Jared Earle in April 1993 in Glasgow, Scotland. In September 1993, Nightfall released their role-playing game SLA...

    , creators of SLA Industries

Radio, film, television

  • Nightfall (CBC)
    Nightfall (CBC)
    Nightfall is the title of a radio drama series produced and aired by CBC Radio from July 1980 to June 1983. While primarily a supernatural/horror series, Nightfall featured some episodes in other genres, such as science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and human drama. One episode was even adapted from...

    , a supernatural/horror radio series produced and aired by CBC Radio from 1980 to 1983
  • Nightfall (1957 film)
    Nightfall (1957 film)
    Nightfall is a film noir directed by Jacques Tourneur. It features Aldo Ray, Brian Keith, and Anne Bancroft. The low-budget film is remembered today for camera work by cinematographer Burnett Guffey...

    , a 1957 movie directed by Jacques Tourneur
  • Nightfall (1988 film), a 1988 adaptation of the Asimov short story
  • Nightfall (2000 film), a 2000 adaptation of the Asimov short story
  • Operation Nightfall, a fictional operation in the television series 24
    24 (TV series)
    24 is an American television series produced for the Fox Network and syndicated worldwide, starring Kiefer Sutherland as Counter Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer. Each 24-episode season covers 24 hours in the life of Bauer, using the real time method of narration...

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