Ancient history

  • Nicanor (Antipatrid general) (died 318 BC), 4th century BCE; an officer of Cassandrus
  • Nicanor (satrap)
    Nicanor (satrap)
    Nicanor or Nikanor was a Macedonian officer of distinction who served as satrap of Media under Antigonus....

    , 4th century BCE; Macedonian officer, governor of Media under Antigonus
  • Nicanor (son of Parmenion) (4th-century–330 BC), 4th century BCE; a Macedonian officer under Alexander
  • Nicanor of Stageira
    Nicanor of Stageira
    Nicanor or Nikanor, of Stageira in Macedonia, was despatched by Alexander the Great to proclaim at the Olympic games of 324 BCE the decree for the recall of the exiles throughout the Greek cities....

    , 4th century BCE; a messenger sent by Alexander to the 324 Olympics
  • Nicanor the Elephant
    Nicanor the Elephant
    Nicanor or Nicanor , nicknamed the Elephant, was a general under King Philip V of Macedonia in the 3rd century BCE.He invaded Attica with an army shortly before the breaking out of the Second Macedonian War between Philip and the Romans in 200 BCE...

    , 3rd century BCE; a Macedonian general under Philip V
  • Nicanor (Seleucid general) (died 161 BC), 2nd century BCE; defeated by Judas Maccabaeus
  • Nicanor (Ptolemaic general), 4th century BCE
  • Nicanor of Syria
    Nicanor of Syria
    Nicanor or Nikanor was a Syrian Greek who lived in the 3rd century BCE.Together with a Gaul named Apaturius, he assassinated Seleucus III Ceraunus during his expedition into Asia against Attalus I in 222 BCE. He was immediately seized and executed by order of the general Achaeus....

     (died 222 BC), 3rd century BCE; assassin of Seleucus III
  • Nicanor of Epeirus
    Nicanor of Epeirus
    Nicanor or Nikanor of Epirus was a son of Myrton of Epirus, and lived in the 3rd to 2nd centuries BCE. Along with his father, he supported the oppressive and rapacious proceedings of Charops of Epirus in the government of their native country.-Sources:...

    , 3rd-2nd century BCE; son of Myrton and supporter of Charops of Epeirus
  • Nicanor (father of Balacrus), 4th century BCE
  • Nicanor of Cyrene
    Nicanor of Cyrene
    Nicanor or Nikanor of Cyrene was an ancient scholar who lived in the Hellenistic period. No works of his survive, but he is mentioned as the author of a work called Changes of names ....

    , date unknown; author of the Metonomasias
  • Nicanor the Deacon
    Nicanor the Deacon

     (died 76 AD), 1st century CE; one of the Seven Deacons of early Christianity
  • Saevius Nicanor
    Saevius Nicanor
    Saevius Nicanor is mentioned by Suetonius as the first grammarian who acquired fame and honour as a teacher among the Romans. He probably lived in the 3rd or 2nd century BCE....

    , 3rd or 2nd century BCE; Roman grammarian
  • Nicanor Stigmatias
    Nicanor Stigmatias
    Nicanor Stigmatias was a celebrated grammarian who lived during the reign of the Roman emperor Hadrian in the early 2nd century....

    , 2nd century CE; the great Homeric grammarian
  • Apostle Nicanor, one of the Seven Deacons of the early Christian church

Modern period

  • Nicanor Abelardo
    Nicanor Abelardo
    Nicanor Sta. Ana Abelardo was a Filipino composer who composed over a hundred of Kundiman songs, especially before the Second World War.-Life:...

     (1893–1934), Filipino composer who composed over a hundred of Kundiman songs, especially before the Second World War
  • Nicanor Carmona
    Nicanor Carmona
    Nicanor Carmona was a Peruvian politician in the early 20th century. He was twice the mayor of Lima, first from 1910 to 1913, and second from 1915 to 1916. He was president of the Peruvian senate ....

     (1842–1940), Peruvian politician in the early 20th century
  • Nicanor de Carvalho
    Nicanor de Carvalho
    Nicanor de Carvalho Júnior, best known as Nicanor is a Brazilian football manager.Nicanor managed several Brazilian clubs during the 1990s, including Guarani Futebol Clube.-External links:*...

     (born 1947), a manager of the Kashiwa Reysol soccer team in Japan in the 1990s
  • Nicanor Duarte (born 1956), President of Paraguay 2003–2008
  • Nicanor Faeldon
    Nicanor Faeldon
    Nicanor E. Faeldon is a Captain in the Philippine Marines who gained national and international attention when he participated as one of the alleged leaders of the incident known as the Oakwood Mutiny in 2003.-Oakwood mutiny:...

     (born 1965), Captain in the Philippine Marines and an alleged leader of the Oakwood Mutiny in 2003
  • Nikanor Grujić
    Nikanor Grujić
    Nikanor Grujić was the Bishop of Pakrac of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the locum tenens Serbian Patriarch, Austro – Hungarian emperor's Privy Councilor, knight of the Grand Cross of the Franz Joseph order, member of Houses of Magnates at Hungarian and Croatian – Slavonian parliaments, member of...

     (1810–1887}, Orthodox bishop, Serbian patriarch, writer, poet, orator and translator
  • Nikanor Longinov, Governor of Yekaterinoslav Governorate
    Yekaterinoslav Governorate
    The Yekaterinoslav Governorate or Government of Yekaterinoslav was a governorate in the Russian Empire. Its capital was the city of Yekaterinoslav .-Administrative divisions:...

     (1832 - 1836)
  • Nicanor Costa Méndez
    Nicanor Costa Méndez
    Nicanor Costa Méndez was an Argentine diplomat.Costa Méndez was born into a privileged background in Buenos Aires, in 1922. He attended the University of Buenos Aires, graduating with a Law Degree in 1943...

     (1922–1992), Foreign Minister of Argentina under Presidents Juan Carlos Onganía and Leopoldo Galtieri, and ambassador to Chile from 1962 to 1964
  • Nicanor Perlas
    Nicanor Perlas
    Nicanor Jesus "Nicky"/"Nick" Pineda Perlas, III is a Filipino activist and a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award in 2003. He was a Philippine presidential aspirant for the 2010 presidential elections but lost to Liberal Party's President Benigno C...

     (born 1950), Filipino activist and a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award (also known as the "Alternative Nobel Prize") in 2003
  • Nicanor Parra
    Nicanor Parra
    Nicanor Parra Sandoval is a mathematician and poet born in San Fabián de Alico, Chile, who has been considered to be a popular poet in Chile with enormous influence and popularity in Latin America, and also considered one of the most important poets of the Spanish language literature...

     (born 1914), Chilean antipoet
  • Nicanor Tiongson
    Nicanor Tiongson
    Nicanor Tiongson is a leading critic, creative writer and academic from the Philippines. He holds a Bachelor of Humanities degree from the Ateneo de Manila University, and M.A. and Ph. D in Philippine Studies from the University of the Philippines...

    , leading critic, creative writer and academic from the Philippines
  • Nicanor Yñiguez
    Nicanor Yñiguez
    Nicanor Espina Yñiguez was a Filipino politician and Speaker of the Regular Batasang Pambansa from 1984 to 1986. Considered the "Father of Southern Leyte", he authored the law that created the province of Southern Leyte....

     (1915–2007), Filipino politician
  • Nicanor Zabaleta
    Nicanor Zabaleta
    Nicanor Zabaleta was a Spanish virtuoso and populariser of the harp.Zabaleta was born in San Sebastián, Spain, on January 7, 1907. In 1914 his father, an amateur musician, bought him a harp in an antique shop. He soon began taking lessons from Vincenta Tormo de Calvo and Luisa Menarguez...

     (1907–1993), Basque-Spanish virtuoso and popularizer of the harp


  • Nicanor Cave
    Nicanor Cave
    The Cave of Nicanor is an ancient burial cave located on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem, Israel.Excavations in the cave discovered an ossuary referring to "Nicanor the door maker." The cave is located in the Botanical gardens on the grounds of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem...

     ancient cave in Mount Scopus, Jerusalem
  • Nikanor Plc
    Nikanor Plc
    Nikanor Plc was a copper and cobalt mining company active in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. In January 2008 it was merged into Katanga Mining...

    , in the Democratic Republic of Congo, merged into Katanga Mining which is now owned by Glencore
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