New York Daily News
The Daily News of New York City is the fourth most widely circulated daily newspaper
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 in the United States
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 with a daily circulation of 605,677, as of November 1, 2011.

The first U.S. daily printed in tabloid form, it was founded in 1919, and as of is owned and run by Mortimer Zuckerman
Mortimer Zuckerman
Mortimer Benjamin "Mort" Zuckerman is a Canadian-born American business magnate with interests primarily in magazines, publishing, and real estate. He is now a naturalized citizen of the United States....

. It has won ten Pulitzer Prize
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The Daily News was founded by Joseph Medill Patterson
Joseph Medill Patterson
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 in 1919. It was not connected to an earlier New York Daily News, which had been founded in the 1850s, flourished under the stewardship of Benjamin Wood
Benjamin Wood
Benjamin Wood was a nineteenth-century American politician from the state of New York during the American Civil War.He was the brother of US congressional representative and New York City Mayor Fernando Wood...

, and faltered after his death in 1900, going through three owners (including his widow) before suspending publication in mid-December 1906.