Negaprion is a genus of requiem shark
Requiem shark
Requiem sharks are a family, Carcharhinidae, of sharks in the order Carcharhiniformes, containing migratory, live-bearing sharks of warm seas such as the tiger shark, the blue shark, the bull shark, and the milk shark.The name may be related to the French word for shark, "requin", itself of...

s, family
Family (biology)
In biological classification, family is* a taxonomic rank. Other well-known ranks are life, domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, genus, and species, with family fitting between order and genus. As for the other well-known ranks, there is the option of an immediately lower rank, indicated by the...

 Carcharhinidae, containing the two extant species of lemon sharks: the lemon shark
Lemon shark
The lemon shark, Negaprion brevirostris, is a shark in the family Carcharhinidae, that can grow to long. It is known as the lemon shark because, at certain depths, light interacting with the local seawater can give this shark a tanned and yellow pitted appearance, much like the surface of a...

 (N. brevirostris) of the Americas
The Americas, or America , are lands in the Western hemisphere, also known as the New World. In English, the plural form the Americas is often used to refer to the landmasses of North America and South America with their associated islands and regions, while the singular form America is primarily...

, and the sicklefin lemon shark
Sicklefin lemon shark
The sicklefin lemon shark or sharptooth lemon shark is a species of requiem shark, family Carcharhinidae, widely distributed in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific. It is closely related to the better-known lemon shark The sicklefin lemon shark or sharptooth lemon shark (Negaprion acutidens)...

 (N. acutidens) of the Indo-Pacific
The Indo-Pacific is a biogeographic region of the Earth's seas, comprising the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, the western and central Pacific Ocean, and the seas connecting the two in the general area of Indonesia...

. Both species are large, slow-moving, bulky sharks inhabiting shallow coastal waters, and can be identified by their short, blunt snouts, two dorsal fin
Dorsal fin
A dorsal fin is a fin located on the backs of various unrelated marine and freshwater vertebrates, including most fishes, marine mammals , and the ichthyosaurs...

s of nearly equal size, and uniform yellowish brown or gray coloration.


  • Negaprion acutidens (Rüppell
    Eduard Rüppell
    Wilhelm Peter Eduard Simon Rüppell was a German naturalist and explorer. Rüppell is occasionally transliterated to "Rueppell" for the English alphabet....

    , 1837)
    (Sicklefin lemon shark)
  • Negaprion brevirostris (Poey, 1868) (Lemon shark)
  • Negaprion eurybathrodon
    Negaprion eurybathrodon
    Negaprion eurybathrodon is an extinct species of lemon shark which existed in what is now the United States during the Miocene period. It was described by Blake in 1862....

    (Blake, 1862)
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