Natural History
Natural history
Natural history
Natural history is the scientific research of plants or animals, leaning more towards observational rather than experimental methods of study, and encompasses more research published in magazines than in academic journals. Grouped among the natural sciences, natural history is the systematic study...

is the scientific study of plants or animals.

Natural History may also refer to:

In science and medicine:
  • Natural History (Pliny), Naturalis Historia, a 1st-century work by Pliny the Elder
  • Natural History (Lonitzer), a 16th-century work by Adam Lonitzer
    Adam Lonicer
    Adam Lonicer, Adam Lonitzer or Adamus Lonicerus was a German botanist, noted for his 1557 revised version of Eucharius Rösslin’s herbal....

  • Naturalis Historia Scotiae, a 1684 work by Robert Sibbald
    Robert Sibbald
    Sir Robert Sibbald was a Scottish physician and antiquary.-Life:He was born in Edinburgh, the son of David Sibbald and Margaret Boyd...

  • The Natural History of Iceland
    The Natural History of Iceland
    The Natural History of Iceland is a natural history of Iceland by Danish lawyer Niels Horrebow. It was first published in Danish in 1752 with an English translation in 1758.-History of the work:...

    , a 1752 work by Niels Horrebow
  • Natural History (magazine)
    Natural History (magazine)
    Natural History is an American natural history magazine. The stated mission of the magazine is to promote public understanding and appreciation of nature and science.- History :...

    , an American magazine
  • Natural History Review
    Natural History Review
    The Natural History Review was a short-lived, quarterly journal devoted to natural history. It was published in Dublin and London between 1854 and 1865....

    , a 19th-century UK quarterly journal
  • Natural History Publications (Borneo)
    Natural History Publications (Borneo)
    Natural History Publications Sdn. Bhd. is a publishing house based in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo. It is among the leading English language and natural history publishers in Malaysia and the entire Southeast Asian region...

    , a publishing house based in Borneo
  • Natural history of disease
    Natural history of disease
    The natural history of disease refers to a description of the uninterrupted progression of a disease in an individual from the moment of exposure to causal agents until recovery or death. Knowledge of the natural history of disease ranks alongside causal understanding in importance for disease...

    , the uninterrupted progression of a medical condition in an individual
    • Natural history group
      Natural history group
      The term natural history group refers to subjects in a drug trial that receive no treatment of any kind and whose illness is, as a consequence, left to run its "natural" course...

      , subjects in a drug trial that receive no treatment of any kind, whose illness is left to run its course

In music:
  • Natural History (I Am Kloot album), a 2001 album by I Am Kloot
  • Natural History: The Very Best of Talk Talk, a 1990 album by Talk Talk
  • The Natural History (band)
    The Natural History (band)
    The Natural History was a band composed of Tepper brothers singer–guitarist Max and bassist Julian, along with drummer Derek Vockins. After playing locally in the New York area and self-recording their own three-song EP, The Natural History caught the ear of local NYC label Startime...

    , an American rock band
    • The Natural History (EP), the band's 2002 debut EP

In literature:
  • A 1992 novel by American writer Maureen Howard
    Maureen Howard
    Maureen Howard is an American writer, editor, and lecturer known for her award-winning autobiography Facts of Life.She was born Maureen Kearns in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Her father William L. Kearns worked for the State's Attorney's Office as a detective where he was assigned to the Harold Israel...

  • A 2003 novel by British writer Justina Robson
    Justina Robson
    Justina Robson is a science fiction author from Leeds, England.- Biography and publishing history :Justina Robson was born in Leeds , and studied philosophy and linguistics at the University of York...

  • A 2007 novel by British writer Neil Cross
    Neil Cross
    Neil Cross is a Booker Prize nominated novelist, crime writer and television scriptwriter born and raised in the United Kingdom, and now living in Wellington, New Zealand.-Life:...

In television:
  • Natural History (How I Met Your Mother)
    Natural History (How I Met Your Mother)
    "Natural History" is the eighth episode of the sixth season of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, and the 120th episode overall. It aired on November 8, 2010.- Plot :...

    , a 2010 episode of How I Met Your Mother

  • NHNZ, formerly Natural History New Zealand, a New Zealand-based factual television production company
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