National Bloc (Italy)
The National Bloc was a rightist political coalition for the 1948 general election
Italian general election, 1948
The Italian elections of 1948 were the second democratic elections with universal suffrage ever held in Italy, taking place after the 1946 elections to the Constituent Assembly, responsible for drawing up a new Italian Constitution...

 formed by:
  • the Italian Liberal Party;
  • the Front of the Ordinary Man.

The alliance scored a poor 3.8% in the election for the House, while a 6.2% was reached for the Senate where the single-man constituencies and the age-restricted suffrage gave an advantage to this list formed by old pre-fascist politicians. The list generally suffered the concurrence of the Christian Democracy
Christian Democracy (Italy)
Christian Democracy was a Christian democratic party in Italy. It was founded in 1943 as the ideological successor of the historical Italian People's Party, which had the same symbol, a crossed shield ....

, which was seen by all centrist and rightist electors as the sole shield against the Soviet-aligned Popular Democratic Front
Popular Democratic Front
The Popular Democratic Front was a coalition of Italian political parties for the Parliamentary election of 1948. It consisted of:* Italian Communist Party - communist...


The alliance so disappeared soon, leaving only the Italian Liberal Party as party with some electoral support.
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