Nah, nah, or NaH may refer to:
  • Nah, Iran, a city in South Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Sodium hydride
    Sodium hydride
    Sodium hydride is the chemical compound with the empirical formula NaH. It is primarily used as a strong base in organic synthesis. NaH is representative of the saline hydrides, meaning it is a salt-like hydride, composed of Na+ and H− ions, in contrast to the more molecular hydrides such as...

    , whose chemical formula is NaH
  • The language code nah, which stands for Nahuatl
    Nahuatl is thought to mean "a good, clear sound" This language name has several spellings, among them náhuatl , Naoatl, Nauatl, Nahuatl, Nawatl. In a back formation from the name of the language, the ethnic group of Nahuatl speakers are called Nahua...

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