The letters NDH can mean:
  • The Independent State of Croatia
    Independent State of Croatia
    The Independent State of Croatia was a World War II puppet state of Nazi Germany, established on a part of Axis-occupied Yugoslavia. The NDH was founded on 10 April 1941, after the invasion of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers. All of Bosnia and Herzegovina was annexed to NDH, together with some parts...

     (Nezavisna Država Hrvatska)
  • New German Hardness, or Neue Deutsche Härte
    Neue Deutsche Härte
    Neue Deutsche Härte is a genre of industrial metal. The term was invented by the German music press after the release of the debut album Herzeleid by Rammstein....

    (musical genre)
  • National Dairy Holdings L.P.
  • In ads for used vehicles, particularly aircraft: No damage history
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