Mstislav may refer to:
  • Mstislav (given name)
    Mstislav (given name)
    Mstislav or Mścisław - is a very old Slavic origin given name, consists of two elements: msti - "vengeance" and slav - "glory, fame". The feminine forms are Mstislava and Mścisława.-Royalty:...

    , a Slavic origin given name
  • an alternate spelling of Mstsislaw
    Mstsislaw is a town in Mahilyow Voblast, Eastern Belarus. As of 2004, its population is 11,700.Mstsislaw was first mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle under 1156. It was initially included within the Principality of Smolensk, but had become the capital of the Principality of Mstsislaw by 1180. In...

    , a town in Mahilyow Voblast, eastern Belarus
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