Motor Sports Association
The Motor Sports Association (MSA, formerly known as RAC MSA), is the official governing body of motorsport
Auto racing
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 in the United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is recognised as the sole motor sport governing body for the United Kingdom by the world governing body, the Federation Internationale de L'Automobile (FIA). However many popular short circuit motorsport disciplines in the UK are not covered, such as Banger Racing
Banger racing
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, Autograss
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 and Hot Rod Racing.

As the governing body, the MSA is responsible for the governance and administration of all major forms of motor sports in the UK, controlling the technical and sporting rules across the various disciplines. It is not concerned with motorcycle or side-car competitions, which are governed by the Auto-Cycle Union.

The MSA implements these rules, known as the General Regulations, to govern the conduct of motor sports at national level. These rules are made and amended by the Motor Sports Council, which is the 'parliament' of motor sports, while the MSA acts as the 'civil service'.

The British Grand Prix and the Rally of Great Britain are the flagship motor sports events in the UK however the MSA neither runs these events or has jurisdiction over them, the FIA is responsible for world championship events. It administers the licensing of 34,000 competitors, 10,000 volunteers and officials and the 5,000 events taking place in the UK each year.


The MSA is managed and organised by its board of directors and its working executives, these two groups comprise as follows:
Chairman: Alan J. Gow
Alan J. Gow
Alan James Gow is currently the Series Director and Administrator of the British Touring Car Championship , Chairman of MSA and President of the FIA Touring Car Commission...

Directors: Sue Brownson OBE, John Maxwell, Dennis Carter, Nicky Moffitt, Ben Cussons, Rod Parkin, Danesh Gangahar, Mike Sones, Alan Gow, Graham Stoker, Colin Hilton, Nick Whale, Rob Jones.


The MSA Council
The Council is custodian of the sporting power for the United Kingdom and the “Sporting Commission” under the FIA statutes. The Council’s responsibilities include the governance of UK motors port, the improvement of safety, the regulation of motor sport by enforcing FIA regulations and drawing up National Rules of Competition, judicial matters and dispute resolution, and the development of motor sport together with the approval of British Championships.
How to raise issues with the Council

The Council welcomes contributions to its work. Issues should be raised with member clubs, who can pass ideas to the Regional Associations for consideration at Regional Committee and then to Council. Alternatively, the MSA can be contacted directly.
The Prince Michael Award of Merit

The Council is responsible for bestowing this prestigious personal award made in recognition of outstanding meritorious service to British Motor Sport.
Council Members:

President of the MSA Council:

HRH Prince Michael of Kent GCVO
Honorary Vice Presidents:

Michael Southcombe,
Bill Troughear,
Ronnie Trouton MBE

Tony Scott Andrews
The Council is made up of 24 members, bringing together the Chairpersons of the Specialist Committees that represent the interests of motorsport in the UK as well as delegates from the specialist advisary panels.



Chief Executive : Colin Hilton

Assistant to the Chairman & Chief Executive: Margaret Forrest
Customer Services:

Head of Customer Services: Miles Booker

Competitors & Officials Licensing Manager: Steve Redhead

Competition & Officials Assistant Manager: Michael Wentworth

Competitions & Clubs Manager: Simon Fowler

Competitions & Clubs Assistant Manager: James Betchley

Technical & Sporting:

Motor Sports Council, External Affairs, Technical & Risk Control Management
General Secretary, Company Secretary & line responsibility for: Rob Jones

Technical Director: John Symes

Autotest, Cross-Country, Regional, Rally & Trials Executive: Ian Davis

Race, Speed & Kart Executive: Cheryl Lynch

Secretary to the Council: Andrea Wren

Head of External Affairs: Allan Dean-Lewis MBE

Technical Executive: John Ryan

Executive/Office Services Manager: Sheila Barter

Financial Director: Danesh Gangahar

The MSA Group employs over 40 full time staff.

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