Mothstorm is a young adult novel by Philip Reeve
Philip Reeve
Philip Reeve is a British author and illustrator. He presently lives on Dartmoor with his wife Sarah and their son Samuel.-Biography:...

, released in October 2008. Illustrated by David Wyatt
David Wyatt
Davit Wyatt is an English commercial artist. Born in Northampton, he was adopted and raised in West Sussex. As a child, he learnt to play the piano; however, his interest in reading and drawing combined into a love of comics....

, it is the third book in the Larklight Trilogy
Larklight trilogy
The Larklight trilogy is a trilogy of young adult novels by Philip Reeve, entitled Larklight, Starcross, and Mothstorm. These books are all illustrated by David Wyatt.-Setting:...

, sequel to the 2007 novel Starcross
Starcross (novel)
Starcross is a young adult novel by Philip Reeve, released in October 2007. Illustrated by David Wyatt, it is the second book in the Larklight Trilogy, sequel to the 2006 novel Larklight.-Plot summary:...



A mysterious cloud starts moving through the Solar System. A British ship is sent to Georgium Sidum to investigate, and finds giant moths and blue lizards. Most of the group is captured, but Arthur is saved by Jack's crew. They rescue Captain Moonfield, and with him they warn the Jovian System. It is revealed the lizards, called the Snilth, are led by a Rogue Shaper called the Mothmaker. They are able to repulse the first attack, but the Mothstorm then goes to Earth. Mrs Mumby and Arthur are able to destroy the Mothmaker with a formula Shapers use to destroy themselves after creating a system. It is revealed Ssilla is descended from a Snilth Queen who rebelled against the Mothmaker long ago, but had her clan slaughtered. Ssilla then becomes the Queen of the Snilth, and their minature Sun is towed into orbit around Hades (Neptune), which they inhabit. Meanwhile as a reward for Jack's services enough antidote
An antidote is a substance which can counteract a form of poisoning. The term ultimately derives from the Greek αντιδιδοναι antididonai, "given against"....

is produced to turn back all the Venusian colonists.
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