Monkey painting
During the late 1950s biologists began to study the nature of art
Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging items in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect....

 in humans. Of the theories proposed few had such a striking effect as those based on observations of primate
A primate is a mammal of the order Primates , which contains prosimians and simians. Primates arose from ancestors that lived in the trees of tropical forests; many primate characteristics represent adaptations to life in this challenging three-dimensional environment...

 paintings, hundreds of which were cataloged by Desmond Morris
Desmond Morris
Desmond John Morris, born 24 January 1928 in Purton, north Wiltshire, is a British zoologist and ethologist, as well as a popular anthropologist. He is also known as a painter, television presenter and popular author.-Life:...

. Morris, along with his associate Tyler Harris, took these canvas paintings to indicate an intrinsic motivation for abstract creativity, expressed through an exploration of the visual field and color. Surprisingly, many of these painters progressed over time by expanding or contracting the area of paint coverage, the horizontal/vertical stroke relationships and even the development of content among those taught some English vocabulary.

Monkey paintings were exhibited in many modern art museums and experienced a fad following in the early 1960s. The cultural and scientific interest in monkey painting diminished steadily and little note is taken today.

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