Monastir, Tunisia

Areas within Monastir

Monastir's north-eastern territories lead into a place called Route de la Falaise, through which you will reach its most notable suburb, Skanes, which is 6 miles from Monastir's town centre. Hugging Tunisia's coastline, Skanes is a holiday resort known mostly for its professional golf courses, never-ending strips of white, sandy beaches, clear blue sea and hotels that fuse Moorish architecture with modern designs, and is frequented throughout the Summer by tourists from around the World. As well as the relaxation and sports on offer they also come for the medina, where it is possible to sample fresh Tunisian cooking as well as bargaining for local goods.

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Monastir - المـنسـتير, Page officielle Monastir - المـنسـتير, official web site of the local multi-sports team
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