Mirna may refer to:

geographical entities
  • Mirna (Croatia), a river in Istria, Croatia
  • Mirna (Sava), a river in Slovenia, tributary of the river Sava
  • Mirna (settlement), a settlement in the municipality of Mirna in Southeastern Slovenia

  • Mirna (name)
    Mirna (name)
    Mirna is a female name common among Croats and Serbs. Derived from the Slavic element mir, Mirna means "peaceful." It is often confused with the name 'Myrna' , which is not Slavic in origin, but Celtic and means "beloved" , also "tender".The name is also used in the Middle East, particularly in...

  • Mirna Jukić
    Mirna Jukic
    Mirna Jukić is an retired former Austrian swimmer of Croatian origin who won a bronze medal in both short course and long course at the world championships in swimming. She is trained by her father Željko Jukić, a former basketball player...

    , a bronze medal winner in swimming
  • Mirna Khayat
    Mirna Khayat
    Mirna Khayat is a Lebanese music video director.Khayat has worked with names like Amal Hijazi, Pascale Machaalani, George Wassouf, Mayssam Nahas and Nancy Ajram....

    , a Lebanese music video director
  • Mirna Macur
    Mirna Macur
    Mirna Macur, Ph.D. is a Slovenian social researcher and an assistant professor of sociology at the Faculty of Applied Social Studies and teaches Methods of quantity analysis and Social statistics.-Education:...

    , a Slovenian social researcher

  • microRNA, abbreviated as miRNA, a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from 1917 to 1918
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