Ministry of Finance of the Russian Empire
Ministry of Finance — one of the Russian Empire
Russian Empire
The Russian Empire was a state that existed from 1721 until the Russian Revolution of 1917. It was the successor to the Tsardom of Russia and the predecessor of the Soviet Union...

's central public institutions, in charge of financial and economic policy.

Ministry was established on 8 September 1802, and reorganized in 1810-11.
By the end of 19th century, it consisted of a:
  • Ministeril Council
  • General and Special Offices for Crediting
  • Department of the State Treasury - controlling the movement of the funds and keeping the account for all the treasuries
  • Department of Assessed contributions - for taxes and Zemstvo duties
  • Department of Customs Duties
  • Department of Railway Affairs
  • Department of Unassessed taxes and for State sales of Spirits
  • Central Weights and Measures Board
  • number of permanent Committees and Councils.
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