Ministry of Finance of Denmark
The Ministry of Finance of Denmark is a ministry in the Government of Denmark
Government of Denmark
Denmark is a constitutional monarchy with a representative democracy based on a unicameral parliamentary system. The affairs of Government are decided by a Cabinet of Ministers, which is led by a Prime Minister...

. Among other things, it is in charge of the government budget
Government budget
A government budget is a legal document that is often passed by the legislature, and approved by the chief executive-or president. For example, only certain types of revenue may be imposed and collected...

 (subject to approval by the Danish parliament, Folketinget), paying government employees and improving efficiency in government administration. The current Finance Minister of Denmark
Finance Minister of Denmark
The Finance Minister of Denmark is the head of the Ministry of Finance of Denmark, and a member of the Cabinet. As head of the ministry, the minister has responsibility for the ministry's tasks of administrering the state finances via the fiscal policy, and making economic predictions and...

 is Bjarne Corydon.

The Ministry of Finance was established on November 24, 1848. In 1968, the Ministry of Finance was split into the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of State payroll and pension services. The latter was repealed on October 11, 1971, and the area was transferred to the newly created Budget Ministry, which from 1973 was again placed under the Ministry of Finance.

Currently, the Ministry of Finance consists of the department and three agencies:
  • Department (Ministry) - 245 employees
  • The Agency for Governmental Management - 350 employees
  • The State Employer's Authority - 100 employees
  • The Palaces and Properties Agency - 330 employees

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