Military aid
Military aid is aid
In international relations, aid is a voluntary transfer of resources from one country to another, given at least partly with the objective of benefiting the recipient country....

 which is used to assist an ally in its defense
Defense (military)
Defense has several uses in the sphere of military application.Personal defense implies measures taken by individual soldiers in protecting themselves whether by use of protective materials such as armor, or field construction of trenches or a bunker, or by using weapons that prevent the enemy...

 efforts, or to assist a poor country in maintaining control over its own territory. Many countries receive military aid to help with counter-insurgency
A counter-insurgency or counterinsurgency involves actions taken by the recognized government of a nation to contain or quell an insurgency taken up against it...

 efforts. Or it could be given to rebellions to help fight another country.

This aid may be given in the form of credits for foreign militaries to buy weapons and equipment from the donor country.

Military aid is often the subject of controversy.

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