Mikasa refers to a number of different places, people, and things:
  • Mount Mikasa, a mountain in Nara, Japan, also known as Mount Wakakusa
  • Mikasa, Hokkaidō
    Mikasa, Hokkaido
    is a city located in Sorachi, Hokkaidō, Japan. It is one of the birthplaces of the mining and railroad industries in Hokkaidō, and the Hokkai Bon song was invented there...

  • Japanese battleship Mikasa
    Japanese battleship Mikasa
    is a pre-Dreadnought battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy, launched in Britain in 1900. She served as the flagship of Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō during the Battle of the Yellow Sea on 10 August 1904, and the Battle of Tsushima on 27 May 1905 during the Russo-Japanese War. The ship is preserved as...

  • Mikasa Sports
    Mikasa Sports
    Mikasa Sports is a sports equipment company based in Hiroshima, Japan.Their football, basketball, volleyball and handball are often used for official matches, games and competitions...

    , a sporting goods manufacturer
  • The Mikasa brand of tableware and food utensils marketed by Mikasa & Company, an American importer and distributor.
  • The princely house of Mikasa-no-miya within the Imperial House of Japan
    Imperial House of Japan
    The , also referred to as the Imperial Family or the Yamato Dynasty, comprises those members of the extended family of the reigning Emperor of Japan who undertake official and public duties. Under the present Constitution of Japan, the emperor is the symbol of the state and unity of the people...

    • Prince Mikasa
      Prince Mikasa
      is a member of the Imperial House of Japan. He is the fourth and youngest son of Emperor Taishō and Empress Teimei. His eldest brother was Emperor Shōwa , and is the only surviving paternal uncle of Emperor Akihito. With the death of his sister-in-law, Princess Takamatsu , on 17 December 2004, he...

       (b. 1915)
    • Princess Mikasa
      Princess Mikasa
      was second daughter of Viscount Masanari Takagi, and through marriage, a member of the Imperial House of Japan.-Biography:Princess Mikasa graduated from Gakushuin Women's Academy in 1941. She became engaged to the Takahito, Prince Mikasa on 3 October 1941, with the wedding held on 22 October...

       (b. 1923)
    • Prince Tomohito of Mikasa
      Prince Tomohito of Mikasa
      , is a member of the Imperial House of Japan and the eldest son of the current HIH Prince Mikasa and HIH Princess Mikasa. He is a first cousin of Emperor Akihito, and is the heir apparent to the princely house of Mikasa-no-miya...

       (b. 1946)
    • Princess Tomohito of Mikasa
      Princess Tomohito of Mikasa
      Nobuko, Princess Tomohito of Mikasa was born on 9 April 1955. She was born as Nobuko Aso, the third daughter of the late Takakichi Asō. Her father was chairman of Asō Cement Co., her mother Kazuko was the daughter of former prime minister Shigeru Yoshida...

      (b. 1955)
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