Middle East University
Middle East University (MEU) is a national education research consulting non-profit organization
Non-profit organization
Nonprofit organization is neither a legal nor technical definition but generally refers to an organization that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals, rather than distributing them as profit or dividends...

, owned by the Company Middle East University for Graduate Studies. The university is administered by the executive board, two thirds of the members of a PhD, a contract with an investment company (the Arab world for education) for the provision of land and buildings and fixed assets and the requirements of the overall appropriation. University interested in knowledge as the driving force in spreading culture and building of high scientific skills for students and provide them with rehabilitation and Bahia, meeting the requirements of human development that can keep pace with scientific developments and their various applications.

Derived from the university to see through the principle of "knowledge is power" as it made the basis for the development of strategy; to ensure quality and excellence in scientific research and expertise in learning and teaching, as a center for value creation in the knowledge developed and capital intellectual who represents the finest human investment in the science of the knowledge economy
Knowledge economy
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For the purpose of improving the effectiveness in achieving the objectives and use of resources, is a Middle East University for Graduate Studies one of the institutions that aspire to build an effective strategy based on improved performance in line with the standards of universities in the world so as to allow graduates opportunities to assume leadership positions in the workplace after graduation.

The university started its first stage on behalf of the University of Graduate Studies as of 30 June 2005, after having completed all the requirements of licensing and accreditation including the provision of distinguished faculty members, and qualified staff, and lesson plans developed. And received the first batch of students in a dozen specialized master's program at the beginning of Chapter II of the academic year 2005–2006 at the site of the university fully equipped and sophisticated. With the beginning of the academic year 2008–2009 will receive the university in the second phase of her first batch of undergraduate students in a dozen specialized in the total area of buildings amounted to (25,000) M².

Middle East University is located in Amman, Jordan.
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