Mid Ulster by-election, 1956
The by-election
A by-election is an election held to fill a political office that has become vacant between regularly scheduled elections....

 held in Mid Ulster
Mid Ulster (UK Parliament constituency)
Mid Ulster is a Parliamentary Constituency in the British House of Commons.-Boundaries:The constituency was created in 1950 when the old two-seat constituency of Fermanagh and Tyrone was abolished as part of the final move to single member seats...

 on 8 May 1956
was called because both candidates in the Mid Ulster by-election, 1955
Mid Ulster by-election, 1955
The by-election held in Mid Ulster on 11 August 1955 was called as a result of a vote in the British parliament on 18 July 1955 which voted 197 votes to 63 to nullify the result of the previous 1955 UK General Election in the constituency...

 were disqualified. Tom Mitchell was disqualified from assuming office because he was a convicted felon. Charles Beattie
Charles Beattie
Charles Beattie was a Northern Irish farmer and auctioneer. Active in the Ulster Farmers' Union and in Unionist associations, he achieved senior office in the Orange Order and the Royal Black Institution and served on Omagh Rural District Council from 1952 until his death...

 was awarded the seat but he was also disqualified because he held an office of profit under the Crown.
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