Michael Logan
Michael Logan may refer to:
  • Michael Logan (journalist), American magazine columnist
  • Michael Logan (musician)
    Michael Logan (musician)
    Michael Logan is an African American jazz bassist] . He worked with, among others, Muhal Richard Abrams, Walter Bishop jr. and Clifford Jordan.-Discography:*1990: Night Out with Cecil Brooks III, Benny Green, Joe Ford, Houston Person...

    , American jazz pianist and keyboardist

See also

  • Mike Logan (American football), player for the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Mike Logan (Law & Order)
    Mike Logan (Law & Order)
    Michael "Mike" Logan is a fictional character in the police procedural and legal drama television series Law & Order franchise, played by Chris Noth.-History in the franchise:...

    , fictional character from the television series Law & Order and Law & Order: Criminal Intent
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