Mga Mata ni Anghelita
Mga Mata ni Anghelita (The Eyes of Anghelita) was a Philippine drama
Philippine drama
Philippine drama can be classified into different forms and genres, with the most popular being the teleserye and teledrama. The teleserye/teledrama is a television form of melodramatic serialized fiction. It is rooted from two words: "tele", which is short for "television," and "serye", a Tagalog...

 produced by GMA Network
GMA Network
GMA Network is a major commercial television & radio network in the Philippines. GMA Network is owned by GMA Network, Inc. a publicly listed company...

 that begun airing on July 2, 2007.

This was a television remake of a 1978
1978 in film
The year 1978 in film involved some significant events.-Events:* February 1 - Bob Dylan's film Renaldo and Clara, a documentary of the "Rolling Thunder Revue" tour premieres in Los Angeles, California....

 film starring the late Julie Vega
Julie Vega
Julie Pearl Apostol Postigo, better known by her stage name Julie Vega , was a Filipina child actress, singer and commercial model...

. The series is the third part of GMA Network
GMA Network
GMA Network is a major commercial television & radio network in the Philippines. GMA Network is owned by GMA Network, Inc. a publicly listed company...

's 57th Anniversary Offering.


The story revolves around that of a blind girl named Anghelita who was given the eyes of the Virgin Mary. But having her sight back, she will see what the world really is, filled with pain and sins. So, in search for her long lost mother, she will be instrumental in changing the lives of people along her way.


From the Mga Mata ni Anghelita episode page at the site:
  • "Miracles Happen" -- July 2 to July 6, 2007
  • "New Sight" -- July 9 to July 13, 2007
  • "Visions from the Virgin Mary" -- July 16 to July 20, 2007
  • "Healing Hands" -- July 23 to July 27, 2007
  • "The Supernatural" -- July 30 to August 3, 2007
  • "A Gift for Gabriel" -- August 6 to August 10, 2007
  • "Darkness Rising" -- August 20 to August 24, 2007
  • "Fireworks" -- August 27 to August 31, 2007
  • "War is Brewing" -- September 10 to September 14, 2007
  • "Surrender" -- September 17 to September 21, 2007
  • "Marriage of Light and Darkness" -- September 24 to September 25, 2007
  • "War of Good and Evil" -- October 1 to October 5, 2007

Main cast

  • Krystal Reyes
    Krystal Reyes
    Jolina Marie B. Reyes, better known by her screen name Krystal Reyes , is a Filipina child actress who currently appears on GMA Network shows.-Biography:...

     as Anghelita
  • Sheryl Cruz
    Sheryl Cruz
    Sheryl Rose Anna Marie Sonora Cruz , better known simply as Sheryl Cruz, is a Filipina actress and singer. She is known for her role as Divina Ferrer on 2007's television drama series Sinasamba Kita and as Valeria on Bakekang and Rosalinda.-Acting career:Cruz started her career at a very young age...

     as Magdalena
  • Marvin Agustin
    Marvin Agustín
    Marvin Jay Cuyugan Agustin, better known by his stage name Marvin Agustin is a Filipino actor and entrepreneur.-Showbiz career:...

     as Gabriel/Angelo/Kuba
  • Tonton Gutierrez
    Tonton Gutierrez
    Tonton Gutierrez is a Filipino film actor.-Early life:Tonton Gutierrez was born to Eddie Gutierrez and his first wife, actress Liza Lorena. He is the half-brother of Ramon Christopher, with second wife and actress Pilita Corrales...

     as Mayor Carlos/Solcar
  • Mark Herras
    Mark Herras
    Mark Angelo Santos Herras is a Filipino television and film actor. He won in the reality talent show StarStruck aired in GMA Network...

     as Abel
  • Isabel Oli
    Isabel Oli
    Maria Olivia S. Daytia better known as Isabel Oli is a Filipina model and television and movie actress.-Background:...

     as Treresa
  • Paolo Contis
    Paolo Contis
    Paolo Enrico Contis , better known as Paolo Contis, is a Filipino-Italian actor who first appeared as a child actor in the ABS-CBN show Ang TV. In 2004 he transferred to GMA Network...

     as Martin
  • Carmina Villaroel
    Carmina Villaroel
    Maria Carmina Muñiz Villaroel, also known as Carmina Villaroel is a Filipino actress, television host, and model....

     as Cristina Manresa
  • Celia Rodriguez as Leticia Manresa/Rasfelina

Extended cast

  • Lucy Torres
    Lucy Torres
    Lucy Torres-Gomez is a Filipina congresswoman, actress, and television host.-Biography:Torres-Gomez was born on December 11, 1974, in Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines. Her family owned several hectares of land. Torres is of German, Spanish, Chinese, and native Malay descent. Torres attended elementary and...

     as Birheng Maria
  • Beth Tamayo as Linda
  • Allan Paule as Marcelo
  • Pen Medina as Father Joseph
  • Yayo Aguila
    Yayo Aguila
    Yayo Aguila is a Filipina actress whose career began through the cult film series Bagets.-Career:...

     as Beth
  • Tuesday Vargas
    Tuesday Vargas
    Tuesday Vargas is a Filipina singer, actress, comedian and a residence judge in T.V 5 show Talentadong Pinoy. She is a notable alumni of Manila Science High School aside from Michael V...

     as Selya
  • Alynna Asistio
    Alynna Asistio
    Ynna Asistio is a Filipina actress and currently a contract artist of GMA Network and is known for her roles in the said networks show's like the telefantasya Mga Mata ni Anghelita, Who's Your Daddy Now? and La Vendetta...

     as Lisa
  • Jess Lapid Jr. as Major Alba
  • Ryan Yllana as Bitong
  • Joy Folloso as Adriana
  • Martin Delos Reyes as Iboy
  • Daniel Fernando
    Daniel Fernando
    Daniel Fernando is the Vice Governor of Province of Bulacan.Fernando formerly worked as a film actor.-Television:-Movies:-External links:*

     as Isaac
  • Robert Ortega as Luis
  • Alicia Mayer
    Alicia Mayer
    Alicia Mayer is a model and actress from the Philippines. She was one of the hosts of the longest noon-time variety show, Eat Bulaga!. She was the Cover Girl of FHM 2003...

     as Delilah
  • Isabella De Leon as Rhoda
  • Jewel Mische
    Jewel Mische
    Jewel Fatima Avejade Mische is a Filipina actress.-Biography:Although born in Manila, Jewel grew up in Bulacan...

     as Madel
  • Prince Stefan
    Prince Stefan
    Stephan Andrei Anlocotan, who is better known by his screen name Prince Stefan , is a Filipino actor of Arabian-Filipino descent. He appeared on StarStruck: The Next Level, and on several GMA Network shows including the telefantasya Mga Mata ni Anghelita and SOP Rules...

     as Gener
  • Renz Juan as Ivy
  • Arnel Ignacio as Manager/Madam
  • Ian Veneracion as Tiklawin/Mercus

Production crew

  • Brainstormers: Denoy Navarro-Punio and Dode Cruz
  • Writers: Adrian Ho, Abi Lam and Vien Ello
  • Head Writer: Benedict Migue
  • Creative Consultants: Jun Lana
    Jun Lana
    Jun Lana , born as Rodolfo R. Lana, Jr., is a Filipino playwright and two-time FAMAS award-winning screenwriter. The winner of 11 Palanca Awards for Literature, he became the youngest member of the Palanca Hall of Fame in 2006....

  • Executive Producer: Mona Coles-Mayuga
  • Production Manager: Ramil L. David
  • Executive-in-charge of Creative: Annette Gozon-Abrogar
  • Executive-in-charge of Production: Wilma Galvante
    Wilma Galvante
    Ms. Wilma V. Galvante is GMA Network's senior vice president for entertainment and producer of many TV shows.As the chief of the GMA Network's entertainment block, she experimented with dramas, light-hearted shows and hired good writers...

  • Directed by: Gil Tejada Jr. and Khryss Adalia


The theme song is entitled Nang Dahil Sa Iyo (Because of You), which was sung by Pinoy Pop Superstar: Season 3
Pinoy Pop Superstar
Pinoy Pop Superstar was a Philippine television show featuring a year-long talent search for the best Filipino amateur singers. It was broadcast every Saturday evening on GMA. The format is loosely patterned on the original Tawag ng Tanghalan....

 grand champion Maricris Garcia
Maricris Garcia
Maricris Yu Garcia , is a singer from the Philippines, best known for winning Pinoy Pop Superstar Year 3. She first auditioned in Pinoy Pop Superstar Year 1, but did not become a finalist. Two years later, she won with her rendition of Barry Manilow's "One Voice" at the Grand Finale held in Araneta...

 and composed by Tata Betita.


Mga Mata ni Angelita was written by Ricardo Feliciano and became a number one hit radio drama
Radio drama
Radio drama is a dramatized, purely acoustic performance, broadcast on radio or published on audio media, such as tape or CD. With no visual component, radio drama depends on dialogue, music and sound effects to help the listener imagine the characters and story...

 from 1974 to 1978. It was made into a film by Larry Santiago Productions and catapulted the late Julie Vega into fame.

The film was a phenomenal hit when it premiered in 1978, mainly because of its big name stars such as Ramon Revilla, Helen Gamboa
Helen Gamboa
Helen Gamboa-Sotto in Pampanga, Philippines, is a veteran Filipina actress, singer, and former beauty titlist.-Background:...

, Dolphy
Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Sr. , known by his screen name Dolphy, is a Filipino comedian-actor in the Philippines. He has appeared in a number of works on stage, radio, television and movies.-Biography:Dolphy was born on P. Herrera St...

, Vilma Santos
Vilma Santos
Maria Rosa Vilma Tuazon Santos-Recto commonly known as Vilma Santos-Recto or Ate Vi is a multi-awarded actress and politician...

, Nora Aunor
Nora Aunor
Nora "Guy" Aunor is a multi-awarded Filipino actress, singer and producer. Aunor has also topbilled several stage plays, television shows, and concerts. She is regarded as the "Superstar in Philippine Entertainment Industry"...

, the late Fernando Poe Jr., Christopher De Leon
Christopher De Leon
-2007 Elections:In 2007, he decided to run as Vice Governor of Batangas. This claims that if her former on screen partner, Vilma Santos won the governorship, then he might win as Vice Governor. He became the running mate of former police officer Nestor Sanares...

, Alma Moreno
Alma Moreno
Alma "Ness" Moreno is a Filipina actress politician who has made her mark both as a popular movie and television personality. She was born in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur to Frank Lacsamana, from Pampanga, and Jean Moreno.-Career, politics and personal life:She appeared in her first movie as a "Dama" in...

, Rez Cortez, Paquito Diaz
Paquito Diaz
Francisco Bustillos Diaz, better known by his screen name Paquito Diaz , was a veteran Filipino actor and movie director. He specialized in action and comedy.-Early life and career:Diaz was born in Pampanga, Philippines...

, and Eddie Rodriguez
Eddie Rodriguez
Eduardo "Eddie" Rodriguez is a former minor league baseball player and manager and the current 3rd base coach for Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball.-Playing career:...

, to name a few.
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