Metrovick is a contraction of Metropolitan-Vickers, a British engineering company. Articles include:
  • Metropolitan-Vickers
    Metropolitan-Vickers, Metrovick, or Metrovicks, was a British heavy electrical engineering company of the early-to-mid 20th century formerly known as British Westinghouse. Highly diversified, they were particularly well known for their industrial electrical equipment such as generators, steam...

    , the company
  • Metrovick 950
    Metrovick 950
    The Metrovick 950 was a transistorized computer, built from 1956 onwards by British company Metropolitan-Vickers, to the extent of six or seven machines, which were "used commercially within the company" or "mainly for internal use"...

    , computer
  • Metrovick F.2, turbo-jet engine
  • Metrovick diesel locomotive, see British Rail Class 28
    British Rail Class 28
    The British Rail Class 28 diesel locomotives, or 'Metrovicks' as they were popularly known, were built as part of the British Railways 1955 Modernisation Plan. The locomotives had a Co-Bo wheel arrangement – unique in British Railways practice though not uncommon in other countries, notably Japan...

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