Mazu may refer to the following Chinese topics:
  • Mazu (goddess), deity in South China and Taiwan
  • Mazu Daoyi
    Mazu Daoyi
    Mazu Daoyi was a Ch'an Buddhist master in China during the Tang dynasty. In dharma-succession through Nanyue to the Sixth Patriarch, Mazu Daoyi contributed far-reaching insights and changes in teaching methods regarding the transmission of awareness...

     (709–788), Zen teacher in medieval China
  • Matsu Islands
    Matsu Islands
    The Matsu Islands are a minor archipelago of 19 islands and islets in the Taiwan Strait administered as Lienchiang County , Fujian Province of the Republic of China . Only a small area of what is historically Lienchiang County is under the control of the ROC...

    , administrative region of the Republic of China
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