Maua is a town in the Eastern Province
Eastern Province (Kenya)
The Eastern Province of Kenya is one of seven regions of the country. Its northern boundary is with Ethiopia; the North Eastern Province and Coast Province lie to the east and south; and the remainder of Kenya's provinces, including Central Province, run along its western border. The provincial...

 of Kenya. It is the capital of Meru North District
Meru North District
Meru North District is one of the seventy-one districts of Kenya, located in that country's Eastern Province. In 1992, it was split from the large Meru District, along with Meru Central District, Meru South District, and Tharaka District....

 (also known as Nyambene district).

Maua hosts a municipal council and headquarters Igembe Central, one of 15 administrative divisions in the district.

Maua municipality has a population of 40,820, of whom 9,763 are classified as urban

Maua is located 60Km North of Meru Town on the northwestern slopes of Nyambene Hills and west of Meru National Park
Meru National Park
Meru National Park is a Kenyan Game park located east of Meru, 350 km from Nairobi. Covering an area of 870 km², it is one of the most famous known parks of Kenya. It has abundant rainfall, 635–762 mm in the west of the park and 305–356 mm in the east. The rainfall results in...

. Meru
Meru, Kenya
-Transport:The City of Meru is linked to Nairobi by a paved road, whether from the south around the east side of Mount Kenya, via Embu, or from the northwest around the west and north side of Mount Kenya, via Nanyuki and Timau....

Maua town is the epicenter of the Khat
Khat, qat, gat or Waquish Spoken from true Yemeni, is a flowering plant native to tropical East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula....

trade in Kenya. Unusual for a town its size Maua has a wide mix of ethnicities .
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