Matrose is a German term for sailor
A sailor, mariner, or seaman is a person who navigates water-borne vessels or assists in their operation, maintenance, or service. The term can apply to professional mariners, military personnel, and recreational sailors as well as a plethora of other uses...

. It may also refer to:
  • Matrose, the lowest enlisted rank in the German Navy
  • Matrose, a rank in the Kriegsmarine
    Uniforms and insignia of the Kriegsmarine
    The Kriegsmarine was the navy of Nazi Germany prior to and during World War II. Kriegsmarine uniform design followed that of the preexisting Reichsmarine, itself based on that of the 1st World War Kaiserliche Marine...

  • матрос, an enlisted rank in the Bulgarian Navy
    Military ranks of Bulgaria
    -Army and Air Force ranks:-Navy ranks:-See also:*Ranks and insignia of NATO armies officers*Ranks and insignia of NATO armies enlisted- References :*...

  • матрос, an enlisted rank in the Ukrainian Navy
    Military ranks of Ukraine
    The military ranks of Ukraine were created in 1991 following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.Ukrainian armed forces have two styles of ranks - Army, which is used by Ground forces and the Air Force, and Navy. Ukraine like the Russian Federation eliminated the descriptor "of Aviation" following...

  • матрос or матро́с, an enlisted rank in the Russian
    Naval ranks and insignia of the Russian Federation
    The Navy of the Russian Federation inherited the ranks of the Soviet Navy, although the insignia and uniform were slightly altered.The Russian armed forces have two styles of ranks:*Troop ranks and*Deck ranks ....

     and, formerly, Soviet Navy
    Military ranks of the Soviet Union
    The military ranks of the Soviet Union were those introduced after the October Revolution of 1917. At that time the Imperial Russian Table of Ranks was abolished, as were the privileges of the pre-Soviet Russian nobility....

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