Masthead (publishing)
The masthead is a list, published in a newspaper or magazine, of its staff. In some publications it names only the most senior individuals; in others, it may name many or all. Some mastheads also include information such as the publication's founding date, slogan, logo and contact information.

In newspapers the masthead typically appears on the editorial page; in magazines it is frequently found elsewhere, often in the first few pages of the publication.

In the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, the word is used to refer to the nameplate
Nameplate (publishing)
In publishing, a nameplate is the title of a newspaper or other periodical in the type style and treatment in which it appears on the front page or cover of the periodical...

 of a publication, its designed title as it appears on its front page.

Web usage

The term is sometimes also used on international websites in a different context. This is usually a mistake based on the incorrect translation of German websites, because in German speaking countries the law requires a website to have an "Impressum
The Latin word Impressum , used in German, has no exact translation in modern English...

" (legals, website details) in the way newspapers do. A better translation of the German "Impressum" may be "Impressum - Legal Disclosure," or "Impressum - Legal Notice." This retains the original German as required by law while telling English speakers much more than "masthead" or "imprint".

Sample mastheads

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