Master of the Ceremonies
The office of Master of the Ceremonies was established by King James I/VI
James I of England
James VI and I was King of Scots as James VI from 24 July 1567 and King of England and Ireland as James I from the union of the English and Scottish crowns on 24 March 1603...

. The master's duties were to receive foreign dignitaries and present them to the monarch at court. Below is a list of known holders until the replacement of the office by the Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps
Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps
Her Majesty's Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps is a senior member of the Royal Household of the Sovereign of the United Kingdom. He is the Queen's link with the diplomatic community in London, arranges the annual Diplomatic Corps Reception by the Sovereign, organises the regular presentation of...

 in 1920.

Masters of the Ceremonies

  • ?-1641: Sir John Finett
  • 1641-1686: Sir Charles Cotterell
  • 1686-1710: Sir Charles Lodowick Cotterell
  • 1710-1758: Sir Clement Cotterell
  • 1758-1779: Sir Charles Cotterell-Dormer
  • 1779-1796: Sir Clement Cotterell-Dormer
  • 1796-1818: Sir Stephen Cotterell
  • 1818-1847: Sir Robert Chester
  • 1847-1876: Hon. Sir Edward Cust
  • 1876-1890: Sir Francis Seymour, Bt.
    Sir Francis Seymour, 1st Baronet
    General Sir Francis Seymour, 1st Baronet, GCB was a British Army officer and courtier....

  • 1890-1893: Sir Christopher Teesdale
  • 1893-1903: Hon. Sir William Colville
  • 1903-1907: Sir Douglas Dawson
    Douglas Dawson
    Brigadier-General Sir Douglas Frederick Rawdon Dawson , GCVO, KCB, CMG, was a British Army general officer.He was the second son of the Hon. Thomas Vesey Dawson, an officer of the Coldstream Guards who was killed at the Battle of Inkerman. Hispaternal grandfather was Richard Thomas Dawson, 2nd...

  • 1907-1920: Hon. Sir Arthur Walsh
    Arthur Walsh, 3rd Baron Ormathwaite
    Arthur Henry John Walsh, 3rd Baron Ormathwaite, GCVO was a British peer and courtier.Walsh was the eldest son of the 2nd Baron Ormathwaite and his wife, Katherine, a daughter of the 7th Duke of Beaufort. He was educated at Eton College...

Assistant Masters of the Ceremonies

  • 1668-1672: Charles Cotterell
  • 1672-1686: Charles Lodowick Cotterell
  • 1686-1699: John Dormer
  • 1699-1707: Clement Cotterell
  • 1710-1740: John Inglis
  • 1740-1758: Charles Cotterell
  • 1758-1796: Stephen Cotterell
  • 1796-1818: Robert Chester
  • 1818-1822: Robert Chester (jnr.)
  • 1822-1823: W. J. Crosbie
  • 1823-1825: H. T. B. Mash
  • 1825-1845: Thomas Seymour Hyde
  • 1845-1847: Hon. Sir Edward Cust
  • 1847-?: William Henry Cornwall
  • ?-1881: Charles Bagot
  • 1881-1887: Augustus Savile
  • 1887-?: William Chaine
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