Mark Simpson (Ireland correspondent)
Mark Simpson is a journalist who has been the BBC
The British Broadcasting Corporation is a British public service broadcaster. Its headquarters is at Broadcasting House in the City of Westminster, London. It is the largest broadcaster in the world, with about 23,000 staff...

's Ireland Correspondent since summer 2008.


Simpson originally began his journalistic career for a series of Northern Irish newspapers — The News Letter
The News Letter
The News Letter is one of Northern Ireland's main daily newspapers, published Monday to Saturday. It is the oldest English language general daily newspaper still in publication in the world, having first been printed in 1737....

, The Irish News
The Irish News
The Irish News is a compact-sized daily newspaper based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is perceived as being broadly Irish nationalist in outlook...

, and The Belfast Telegraph
The Belfast Telegraph
The Belfast Telegraph is a daily evening newspaper published in Belfast, Northern Ireland by Independent News & Media.It was first published as the Belfast Evening Telegraph on 1 September 1870 by brothers William and George Baird...

— after graduating in 1988 from Queens University Belfast with a degree in History and Politics. He joined the BBC in 1998 as a political correspondent. He was nominated as Television News Broadcaster of the Year at the BT UK Regional Press and Broadcast Awards 2000. In 2005 he moved to Leeds
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, England to the position of North of England Correspondent, where he reported for the national BBC News, including Shannon Matthews' disappearance and later discovery.

In 2008, he then returned to Belfast
Belfast is the capital of and largest city in Northern Ireland. By population, it is the 14th biggest city in the United Kingdom and second biggest on the island of Ireland . It is the seat of the devolved government and legislative Northern Ireland Assembly...

 where he attained the position of Ireland Correspondent, taking over from Denis Murray.

Personal life

He was born in 1968/9, and is from Helen's Bay
Helen's Bay
Helen's Bay is a village on the northern coast of County Down, Northern Ireland. It is within the townland of Ballygrot , between Holywood, Crawfordsburn and Bangor. It is served by a railway station and had a population of 1,362 in the 2001 Census...

, Bangor, Co. Down. He now lives with his family in Holywood
Holywood is a town in County Down, Northern Ireland. It lies on the shore of Belfast Lough, between Belfast and Bangor. Holywood Exchange and Belfast City Airport are nearby. The town hosts an annual jazz and blues festival.-Name:...

, Co. Down. He has three daughters.

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